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May 14, 2020


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How’s your lockdown going?
Mine’s going pretty well TBH. If anything I’m barely noticing it. Thanks to the continued hard work from Lee from the Transition MTB Group, my daily routine is much like it was before we all got told to go home. Each week my plan for exercising drops through and I fit it around my Working From Home rota with glee. Each week I progress a little bit and work towards hitting the CX season (in whatever shape it ends up taking) in brilliant form and every day I get to see that someone is closely guiding me through the training and reacting to how I do. I get all the structure and routine needed to keep going through this weird period, with non of the stress of trying to understand what I need to do to get better and how to react to how I’m performing. It’s brilliant. I hear about people frantically taking up new hobbies, getting stuck and getting frustrated with them…I’m just pushing my existing hobby further and loving it more and more!

A little bit of structure and continuation, in these crazy times

OK so there’s no denying that the lockdown makes many things worse, from the lack of joyous clamour in a shared office (my current co-worker doesn’t get involved with paper aeroplane throwning competitions in the same way), to trying to cram an entire family into a selfie shot
I’m missing chucking the bikes on the back of the van and buggering off to races with mates or just into the countryside for a few days

But with any luck all of that will be back before all this nice weather gives up and goes away (and the van’s never been cleaner and more ready to go!)

So, there we go, I’m feeling pretty lucky and stronger than ever right now. Hopefully see you all soon 🙂

PS Sorry if that did actually read like an infomercial – it wasn’t originally intended to, I’m just genuienly made up with how things are going because of their help.

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