• I’d just do it myself anyway…

    i get robbed in broad daylight
    (pic courtesy of Guy)

    Here we see angela attempting to relieve me of my wallet at Rich’s wedding 🙂

    Not that I need any help getting rid of my money; today for example i’ve just forked out for some new wheels for the cabal, which was lightened my monetary load to the tune of many hundreds of pounds. This now means I’m back to using DT 240s hubs, hubs I first got for the Transalp 3 years ago and loved utterly, hubs i never had to service in any way in all the time i had them…hubs that were still in such good nick when I got rid of them i was able to list them as “nearly new” despite them having suffered innumerable races under me.
    I have no doubts that these new ones will work just as flawlessly (and fit disc rotors, unlike the old ones, which is why i got rid of them).


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  • Guy 6:02 pm on April 11, 2008 | #

    Look at the work of a true photographer:
    1) The wallpaper is in perfect focus
    2) 1/4 people are looking at the camera
    3) The time/date doesn’t intrude at all, no sir
    4) The shot beautiful draws the viewer in to a romantic wedding scene with everyone chatting… or stealing… erm…

    The world needs to stand back, there’s a mountain of a photographer about to become famous!

    My gallery is fully of similar or slightly more out of focus shots of the wedding.

  • Wayne 5:22 pm on April 12, 2008 | #

    Dave getting fleeced again!!

    BMX is done.

    As it was founr [IMG]http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z289/lv426farrell/572d_121.jpg[/IMG]

    finished article


  • Wayne 5:22 pm on April 12, 2008 | #

    that worked, linked to finished article


  • Guy 8:39 pm on April 12, 2008 | #

    I like the reflector.