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January 19, 2020

Deeply grounded

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I think the North West cyclocross scene is almost overly blessed with wet conditions in which to race. I quite often watch the Belgian races wondering if they get bored of all the fast, well drained, almost bone dry courses that seem super buff on my HD laptop screen. I bet the white sock sponsors love it.
Far, far away from all that nonsense, Marl Pits provided all who chose to race there with an almost overly friendly hug. Another race that you took home with you and scraped into neat little piles in the back yard / shower. Another course that seemed to be scared you might leave and clung at your ankles with every footstep screaming “Don’t go! Stay here with me!”, refusing to let your foot move as you tried to step forward. And that was just the bit past the pits.
Combined with an unrideable (and unRUNable, to 99.9% of the people there) steep climb and some ‘proper’ descending in the woods what we were offered was some brilliant old skool ‘cross.

Marl PIts cx
Pic courtesy of Graham Dean

The racing was close. By which I mean Rob Jebb and Rob Hope ran away and that was that. But it was close elsewhere in the field. I had a huge amount of fun throughout, trading places and just generally getting ‘stuck in’. It was bloomin’ brilliant.
OK so I stuffed up the steep drop (and figured out why all the mountain rescue people were stood there at the same time…), which doesn’t feature in the Big Book Of Racing Well, but even that felt like part of the old skool vibe. It wasn’t until my 3rd lap that I realised I was taking it too steady and put in a bit of a push to see if I could close the gap to Rob Hope at all (nope), after which I settled in to just enjoy the racing and appreciate the enthusiasm being offered by those at the side of the course.

Pic by Ellen

A ‘distant to 1st and 2nd but close to 4th and 5th’ 3rd place in the end. That was a lot of fun. Here’s hoping Salford offers more of the same close racing next week 🙂

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