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April 7, 2008

Racing Ralphs

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Top tyres. They’ve totally transformed the cabal. It was a fast, sinewy, uber bike that just wanted to keep on going for hours and hours. Now it’s a fast, sinewy, uber bike that just wanted to keep on going for hours and hours that you can control to the Nth degree, with an added confidence boost on descents and technical sections. They really are ace!
racing ralph gracing the front end of the cabal
Took Friday off work to go for a ride. Set off at 7:45am, got home again at 5pm, enjoyed everything inbetween.
Didn’t get to do the whole MTL cos of, yep you guessed it, the SODDING WIND. Instead I turned around 51 miles in and headed back the way I came (with a few minor alterations). This worked out quite nicely and I still got to have a go at riding up “The Rake” in ramsbottom, something i’ve been meaning to do since i first found out about the hill climb races they have there. Admittedly 2.4″ tyres @ 30psi aren’t ‘the best choice’ for a fast time, but i enjoyed getting that well aquainted with the headtube of the bike as i leant forward crazy amounts to keep my weight in the right place while laying down a bit of power!
I’m happy enough with how i felt at the end of the ride, not too beaten up and with no real ache in the legs (OK i could tell i’d been for a ride, but i was by no means tired), i just need to sort out eating/drinking, which i’m still rubbish at when on the bike.

Geeky Ride Stats:
97.45 miles
11.6 mph av.
10,027ft climbing
9hrs 15mins outside (you can do your own maths if you want to know how much time i spent clambering over stiles/opening gates etc)
3 nutrigrain elevenses, 1 clif bar, 1 geosource choccie bar, 1 eat-natural almond/apricot bar, 0.5 cornish pasties, 3 powerbar energygels eaten
2.5ltrs psp22, 500ml water drunk


  1. Good work…..about 50mins stopped I think

    Comment by matt — April 7, 2008 @ 11:32 am

  2. better than my friday … i got up at 2pm opened the laptop looked at my uni work …went back to bed at 2.30pm listened to some dave gorman and got up again to go work in the pub at 7

    hmmm yes ….shoulda given it more beans on sunday and been more assertive from the offset … i was sitting behind people on the downhils

    i suspect i came 5th … there were 4 people wheezing and coughing and generally recovering when i crossed the line …and one of them won …and another came third when i asked them

    just happy didnt explode like i did at busa (ie i made sure i didnt explode by not giving it 100% …mostly 97% ) …but 12 time zones , 3 days of no sleep(on a plane/cattleclass at 6 foot 3 is not good) and then driving for 8 hours to a race was a recipe for disaster at busa

    time to get back to training after my month off 8 weeks or so to get ready for mayhem …long rides ahoy !

    Comment by Terry — April 7, 2008 @ 12:54 pm

  3. “i got up at 2pm”

    bloody hell.

    Comment by matt — April 10, 2008 @ 11:18 am

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