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January 5, 2020

Even Flow

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The neck check: if your symptoms go below your neck, affecting your breathing, stop. Rest. Make sure you’re getting all the vitamins, minerals and hydration you need and do not stress your body.
If, however they’re all above the neck, use your discretion to figure out how much you can keep doing. A bit of a sniffle might get blasted away with a good workout.
With my lungs clear but what felt like a bit of a cold creeping up, I based my decision on whether to go to Saturday’s NWCCA race on just how snotty I was when I woke up on that morning. A gentle, even flow was deemed fine. I knew I wouldn’t be gaining any more fitness before next weekend’s National Champs, but Lee had told me my training block should have my legs bouncing back from the fatigue I’d carried over through last week’s race and that sounded like something to go any play out with!

Given just how wet many of the NW races have been this season (case in point being Burnley’s 80% running laps), I was under the impression this race would, as it was based at an agricultural showground, be another slow, muddy, probably lots-of-runny affair. It’s all good, of course, it’s all racing and cyclocross isn’t track cycling – the conditions are part of it – but a bit of a grin did spread across my face while wheeling my kit trolley over to the pits. It didn’t sink into any axle deep puddles, or grind to a halt in thick gloop. The course was, apparently, quite dry!

A pre race ride around the course confirmed that, with the exception of a few short sections, the ground was firm, grippy and completely un-January like! I was just as happy to find that big, open sections were the order of the day, with few slow corners and more emphasis on overall power. Ace, something to open the legs up on with little risk of breaking anything the week before the champs. 🙂

My tactics didn’t stretch much beyond “find a decent pace and sit at it. Open the legs up a bit but don’t thrash yourself into the ground. Burn off the sniffles without burning yourself out.” So I did that. Steady off the start, find a rhythm as quickly as possible and don’t get too caught up in how the race was going. To my delight this saw me ride back up to the leading pair as we crossed the finish line for the first time, go to the front and then sit at a pace that allowed me to get away for the win. I took as few risks on the corners as I could (Ok they weren’t massively technical, but this was a legs and lungs test – I know the bikes are working!) and just concentrated on keeping myself “in the zone”.

Pic by Elsie “youtube sensation” Haygarth.

A wave of thanks to the marshals and a slightly delayed drive home to do some cheering on of Craig and “Look I’m in 5th!” Ben in the senior race and that was that. Legs feeling good, nose clearer at the end of the day than at the start and the chance to get some power down on a dry (mostly) race course in the middle of winter fully taken, can’t ask for more than that! 🙂

Somehow I don’t think people will be swapping to Griffos and adding pressure to their tubs for speed on Saturday at Shrewsbury…

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