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December 30, 2019

Hammers and nails

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I sort of knew, by the time we’d reached the first corner, that I wouldn’t be riding off into the distance in the lead of the race. TBH I knew it before I packed the van that morning. I’m not ill or anything, just getting ready for the National Champs and I was in a weird ‘tired / not wanting to injure myself’ sort of mood. Conversely, I also wanted to use the day’s racing as some good training, so had entered both the V40s and Senior races to double the workout (and skills test…and fun, obviously!)
After a comfortably slow start I settled down to just working my way back into the top 10 without overcooking it on the delightfully slithery Macclefield race course. The explosive power to get back up to and battle for the lead wasn’t quite there, so a steady churn saw my start to quite enjoy myself, eventually finishing in 5th (5th on an off day, how good is that!), a minute and a half down on 1st place, but feeling surprisingly sprightly and fresh on the line.

Pic by Mick Hall

A swift change of race numbers and guzzle of a can of coke (complete with associated burp) and it was back down to the start for race 2. No need to worry about gridding (or anything really, no pressure at all!) this time round. Just agree a plan to not get caught up in the melee of the first few moments and avoid crashes….then completely ignore that as the first few seconds of the race saw gap after gap open up in front of me like some sort of biblical parting of the seas. I’d have been mad not to ride through the spaces that kept appearing! 🙂
After half a lap or so everything settled down and I got back to the same sort of churning I’d managed in the earlier race.
Once again I didn’t run out of energy or fade, though a moment’s inattention while riding over the barriers (note how I don’t describe it as bunnyhopping – it was more of a ‘huck one wheel over, then the other’) saw me mush my face into the ground in front of a load of onlookers, d’oh! I didn’t quite manage to close the gap to Paul Upton in 12th and eventually finished 13th, with another good workout in my legs and lots of ‘test the levels of grip’ style cornering in the bag. Cross is boss, no matter what your finishing position. 🙂

Pic by Mick Hall

A week of getting the bikes to work properly (gritty cables weren’t helping gear shifts or brake performance at any point, but thankfully didn’t have any effect on my racing) and some more ‘finishing touches’ training wise before the Weaver Valley race which will nicely serve as a shakedown for everything before the Champs a week later, are what’s in store now. Oh and New Year as well. Have a good one everyone – plenty more months of bike related shenanigans to come!

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