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December 9, 2019

The Cob, Bap, Barm conundrum

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The on site coffee / catering van cleverly avoided the issue by simply describing the grilled cheese snack they were offering as a “sandwich”. In the surrounding car parks, hundreds of mud plastered cyclists did battle to prove, once and for all, which as the correct term for a small amount of bread in a rounded shape.

It may have been advertised and marketed as the “North of England Cyclocross Championships”, but we all knew it was something far more important than that. the moniker given to our lunch snack was up for grabs and as a result the racing was fierce.

By the time I got to have a go at naming the bread product (or racing for the Northern CX title, if you prefer) the waterlogged course had turned into a run, almost entirely. Stood on the start line, left foot sinking into the mud as the commissaire gave the final instructions, I glanced across to see Rob Hope and Rob Jebb grinning like Cheshire cats. To say their running is strong is to say I’m quite fond of pizza (I bloody love pizza). Between them they pretty much had the race in the bag before we even got going and, true to form, within half a lap they had left me (and pretty much everyone else) far behind.

Northern CX Champs
Pic by Tim

I did more running / stumbling / tripping over in shin deep slop, than the rest of the season put together over the following 50 minutes. Barely riding the bike at all. My finishing place of 6th may not sound very good, but I was pretty chuffed with it, I’m not a running specialist, so staying “in the game” was enough of a result for me.

Robb Jebb won our race, which (I think) mean all V40s now have to refer to the bread as “Cobbs”.

I’m now praying to the god of mud that the York National Trophy this weekend isn’t another long run with a bike on my shoulder!

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  1. I was secretly very impressed by your running Dave. When it’s that sloppy and tough, I think the work you do on your engine is the big thing. Well done! (And good practice for York, I reckon, after the autumn we’ve had).

    Comment by Dave Haygarth — December 9, 2019 @ 3:22 pm

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