• Rich got Hitched (to Louise)

    flying bouquet

    Well I think that went well!
    Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, no one got lost, or fainted…”You’ve Been Framed” will have to wait for someone elses wedding to get their ‘camcorder comedy’

    Everyone looked good – it’s nice to see people dressed up occasionally – and I didn’t go flying in my posh shoes so I’m declaring everything a success.

    A couple more pics will follow, I didn’t take many as I didn’t have my camera for much of the proceedings and neither the bride nor the groom seemed enthusiastic about getting all dolled up again on the sunday morning to re-enact it all. Oh well.

    They might not have wanted to get all dressed up for a second time for me, but they did get me a super-ace gift:

    campag corkscrew

    How cool?!

    Anyway, more to follow…

    In Car News: the new one is not going to be ready until wednesday as he needs some sort of new part for *something technical in the dashboard*. Apparently he got a 2nd hand one but it didn’t work so he’s having to buy a brand new one (at over £100). Ho hum.


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