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December 30, 2018

Waaa Hoooooo!

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Macc Supercross is always a good event. The park is big enough for a wide, fast course and has enough elevation within it to make for some leg testing climbs and swoopy descents. Add in a good smattering of off camber sections and you’re onto a winner. The fact that it tends to be one of the final races before the National champs, so is often used by some of the top UK guys as a warm up just adds to the good course to make for a great event.

In previous years I’ve had some bad luck while racing there – last year my drivechain jammed itself solid on the first lap, leaving me dead last by the time I managed to literally kick it back into working order – and I’ve never really done myself proud, results wise. This year I decided I was going to do well, simply by enjoying myself. No worrying about who was in front / behind me, or how it would affect the league placings, just ride in a way that made me smile (in between the gasps for breath, obviously.)

I dropped the pressure in my tyres as low as I dared to give me a bit more grip on what turned out to be an amazingly slippery course. With a few (fast!) exceptions, each turn was a fantastic balancing act with speed and lean angle in constant question. Even during the pre race course exploration I was drifting around continually. Awesome fun.

The race was, frankly, brilliant. Not the best start, combined with a super slow motion crash as Isaac slipped over in front of me, leaving me nowhere to go but over the top of him, gave the fast lads a lead they didn’t really need but I reminded myself that I was there to have fun, so just got on with wrestling the bike around the corners and sprinting the straights.
A couple of bike changes, to make sure neither drivechain got too clogged – and to enjoy the different handling characteristics / feel of the tyres, if I’m being honest (I’m aware that this may sound quite sad, but I find it fascinating, so there) – was no sweat for the Horwich pit crew extraordinaire and helped me climb back through the field, with lap after lap of great close racing and finish just inside the top ten. Thank you all 🙂

Paul catches the Giant while Liz holds out the (freshly washed during the preceding lap) Merlin. A perfect mid race bike swap once again 🙂

You know it’s been a good race when you cross the finish line wishing you could just keep going. More of that sort of thing please! 🙂

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