Growing old disgracefully

  • half the images

    on this site have fallen over. sorry.

    it’s ‘cos they’re hosted/hidden on the server at work and we’re faffing about installing a new cms…on a new set of servers…so everything’s moved around and isn’t where it once was.

    i’ll get it fixed when
    a) i can be arsed
    b) i find where everything’s ended up


    11:07 am on February 29, 2008 | 5 Comments | # |


  • Guy 4:47 pm on February 29, 2008 | #

    That clic counters broken too….

    it says 2007 on it…

  • matt 5:42 pm on February 29, 2008 | #

    That’s because it’s last year’s one!

  • Guy 12:01 am on March 1, 2008 | #

    no way! There’s no way Dave would leave a counter up for almost a year after the event finished. I refuse to belive it.

  • Guy 12:09 am on March 1, 2008 | #

    On a similar silly note…

    On the weight weenies website there’s various people who have used a road bike front mech on a mountain bike. The road bike mechs are around 90g whereas the mountain bike ones are 140-170g. Aparently they shouldn’t work but usually do.

    The problem is that a lot of the road bike ones are bottom pull only. You have to do some interesting machining work to make them top pull.

    Now I’ve done this work, and the mech is brand new and works fine…. but I measured my frame diameter as 31.7 on the seat tube… which it is, but the carbon fibre seat tube then expands out to 34mm which I didn’t realise…

    SOOooo…. I’ve a loverly brand new 90g front mech that’s top pull for a 31.7mm seat tube that I’ll donate free to one of the usual suspects if you have a bike it will fit on

  • Guy 12:28 am on March 1, 2008 | #

    oh it’s a Campagnolo Chorus which is supposed to be quite good. It isn’t the carbon fibre one, on account of tales of the carbon one getting ripped to bits on mountain bikes.