Growing old disgracefully

  • Earthquake!

    Yes, I’m blogging about the earthquake. As if nothing else happens around here…ahem.

    My 7hrs beauty sleep was abruptly halted at just before 1am this morning as i was violently shaken around the bed by angela, crying out “what’s that, what’s happening”. A blurry second or two later i was fully awake and realised the bed was moving of it’s own accord in what felt, perhaps somewhat ironically, a most unnatural way.
    As quickly as it began it stopped and the utter silence that followed would have been disconcerting, had it not been stupid-o’clock in the morning.

    Angela’s first guess, that it had been “a massive gust of wind” was somewhat ridiculed by me as there was no noise accompanying the movement. I, in my semi alseep state, came to the conclusion that it must have been one of the houses at the other end of the terrace we are attached to suffering some sort of structural damage (I’ve been waiting for one of the shonky chimneys on our row of houses to collapse for years and was secretly delighted my amature surveyor skillz had been proved right…). Without any noise. Well done me, top deduction work there. D’oh.

    I spent the next 10 minutes sliding my way around the walls of the house in the dark, feeling for abormal cracks or bulges. It occured to me halfway through that, having never slid my way round the house before, i had no idea what lumps and bulges had already existed, so the whole process was a bit pointless. I couldn’t find a reason for doing it in the dark either, so i turned the light in the living room on and scared myself silly by finding myself inches away from a potted plant that, on first sight, looked like a tree that had come through the wall (to me).

    When I’d satisfied myself that the house wasn’t in any iminent danger (those surveryor skillz coming in handy again) i went back to bed and tried to get back to sleep through the mixture of confusion – as to why no-one else in the street had noticed, fear – that something deadful was about to happen – and nostalgia that had engulfed me.

    The nostalgia, in case you’re a bit confused, came from living in halls of residence during my first year at university. Halls of residence sited about 10 metres away from a railway line. Halls of residence sited about 10 metres away from a railway line built in the usual university style of ‘quick and cheap’. Halls of residence that wobbled violently whenever a train went past…to the point where you were taking your life in your hands sitting in the living room when a frieght train rolled past as big chunks of ceiling would fall down. Good times…

    The alarm went off at 7.30 this morning to news of the earthquake and once again i was woken by angela, this time saying “see, it WAS an earthquake”, as if i didn’t know that straight from the off. Pfff, of course I did, what else would it be…

    I’m now hoping that all the shaking has loosened some of the gunk that been making our drains, err, drain slowly recently. I know it works with me sometimes when i go for a run and…erm, actually, i’ll leave it there…


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  • matt 11:42 am on February 27, 2008 | #

    So, you’re telling me that Angela woke….
    then she woke you…..
    and you realised it was all an earthquake..
    all in the 5 seconds it lasted?


    I just wobbled for a short time, thought ‘earthquake’ went to bed. Maybe I’m ready for California now?

  • matt 11:44 am on February 27, 2008 | #

    Oh I remember those halls, with the MASSIVE CRACKS in the walls from subsidence/trains 🙂

  • dgpowell 11:46 am on February 27, 2008 | #

    she woke me, it wobbled, THEN we discussed what it was

  • matt 11:50 am on February 27, 2008 | #

    does she suffer from PET ?

    I was hoping for more wobblyness.

  • dgpowell 12:32 pm on February 27, 2008 | #

    Positron emission tomography?

    no, sadly, i’d love a free head scan occasionally 🙂

  • matt 3:10 pm on February 27, 2008 | #

    Tomographers = a person who charts people named Tom?