Growing old disgracefully

  • mmmkay then…

    Friday’s ride was cut short after i realised that being up on the exposed hilltops probably wasn’t such a safe idea…given that i was riding up a 12% climb in 52×11 with a tailwind at one point and was unable to hold my face steady (let alone the bike) riding down waddington fell.
    Luckily i’d already done a big chunk of climbing so didn’t feel too bad for hiding down in the valley floor and cruising round for the rest of the ride (which ended up being 5hrs 15mins and simply wasn’t difficult or long enough to tire me out at all).

    Sunday’s ride was rainy, sunny, rainy, rainy, windy, windy, rainy, sunny, warm, cold, windy, rainy…in that order.
    Despite this, i knocked a massive 25mins of my usual time for the 52 mile route DESPITE having to stop and swop the left hand eggbeater that collapsed again (I KNEW it was going to do that!) and finding time to stop briefly to chat to another rider up on Rivi who’d never seen a 29er before (jeez i didn’t even know such people still existed!).
    The back brake wore out 27 miles in and it was as muddy as hell, but the hills posed no problem and i just span comfortably for the whole ride without getting tired. Nice.

    Perhaps the nicest thing about the ride (call me sad if you want to) was cleaning the bike afterwards; the scandal’s black anodizing still looks 100% of ace when it’s clean, proper pimpy, even after nearly 2 years of constant hammering!

    Looks like more crazy weather for this weeks afternoon rides again. Ho Hum.


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  • matt 1:00 pm on February 25, 2008 | #

    Looks like we’re entering another few weeks of unpredictable weather, which is a shame as the last 2 weeks were rather nice (if a little cold at times) and riding was FREE! it’s expensive again now. 🙁

  • dgpowell 1:57 pm on February 25, 2008 | #

    correct…the rear pads were those discobrakes 3x life ones, that had done 1 lap at strathpuffer and 2 dry, 50 mile rides back here in lancashire…there was loads of pad material left when i set off

    i’ve already had to reorganise one afternoon ride around the weather this week (i’m not playing out for 7hrs when the met office is issuing “severe gales and transport disruption”!) and i’m already fed up with it!