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September 25, 2018

Ghost in the Machine

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Didn’t race the NWCCA round 3 race on Saturday, as rolling over a car bonnet left me less able to soak up the lumps and bumps than usual. Instead I took my turn marshalling (for which I get average league points, which is nice).
It was quite good fun in itself, although it was quite a long day it mostly consisted of making sure the right age group races went the right way (no under 8s were sent off round the 1.5 mile adult course, so I class that as a success), repairing bits of course tape that got crashed through (gosh, it’s quite annoying when it’s not me riding through it!) and generally telling people in the pits off (no-one needed telling off, but the power went to my head a bit…).
I got to watch Ben Turner ride away from the Seniors with the sort of imperiousness you’d expect from someone who gets to spend time in the presence of MvDP. I’d have beaten him, if I’d been racing, obviously. but I wasn’t, so I’ll let him take the win in my absence.
It was also nice to leave a race without 10hrs of cleaning to do…though I need to get back racing again ASAP!

Ben Turner racing to the win. With me critiquing his technique in the background.

I’d had enough of not racing my the Sunday so, still with a bruised shoulder, I did the NLTTA Clubs 25 with the other Horwich lads. It was bloody freezing. Dry though, with not much wind, so I’m not too sulky about the weather. My performance was pretty rubbish – an average heart rate nearly 20bpm down on where it should have been and an inability to get comfy on the aero bars due to a big scab on my forearm meant I was way off my best (about 2 mins down on my PB in the end), but I snuck in under the hour with a 59.01 and Horwich got 2nd in the club competition, so it’s not all bad.

3 Peaks this weekend. After missing it last year I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve not done any real “shouldering the bike up steep slopes” practice. Or running. Or long rides for ages. But it will still be ace, it always is. 🙂

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