Growing old disgracefully

  • We redouble our efforts!

    After last week’s fall-off-a-thon and general failure to race, this week’s round was to be different. I had a word with myself pre-race to remind me that a) I was there to have fun not a strop and b) shut up and race you muppet!
    Off the line it seemed to work and I remembered to embrace the sprint-based suffering. Didn’t loose to many places in the first half lap and even let people get alongside me/in front if it meant I could hit my lines (and it did, and I did, and it worked as I’d sail back past them with less effort, huzzah!). In fact it was all going swimmingly until I rode wide, up against the course tape (perfectly acceptable in itself; leaning on the tape is inside the tape, which is on the course thankyouverymuch), which had ‘drooped’a bit and got snagged on my foot, then snapped, then quickly and tightly wrapped itself round my rear mech and utterly clogged up my cassette. Gah! I could just about soft pedal with it slipping, so had a snap decision to make: get off and try to clear it out at the side of the course or soft pedal/run back to the pits and swap bikes.

    I chose the latter, having to run up the climbs and watch rider after rider stream past as I gently nursed the clogged up drivechain back to the pits. Annoying, but remember, I’m here for fun, so onto the spare bike and get back into it.

    It only took Angela and Martin one lap to de-tape the faster bike (it’s not faster really, it’s all psychological, but never mind that…), so I swapped back to that and carried on chasing people down until I ran out of laps. Great fun. Left me feeling pretty happy with how my fitness is going and determined to push on with training. Onwards and upwards 🙂

    Pic by Luke Davies


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