• Stadt and deliver

    (That’s an Adam Ant reference. Ask your dad if you’re too young to remember him).

    Yesterday was all about the war paint. Just like Adam Ant (asked your dad yet?) and his white stripe, everyone racing yesterday got a good covering of Knowsley’s finest mud. It was a modder for the youth races, a supermodder for the Vet 50s, an uber-supermodder for the Vet 40s and something as yet unclassified for us Seniors & Juniors.
    Off the start line your wheel rims disappearedinto the mulch and only reappeared for the brief tarmac section at the back of the course.

    Brilliant. 🙂

    It’s an Ellen pic

    The course, although not massively technical in itself, was great in the slippy, slidey, wheel sucky mud. Hard work all the way round, apart from the little road section, which was blissfully fast in comparison. I loved it. Slow going meant the riders in front where frustratingly close and yet minutes ahead at the same time and everyone behind you seemed to be right on your tail all the time.

    3rd in the end. 3rd being both the place I finished in the race AND the wash that finally got my race kit clean that evening in the washing machine 😮


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