• A humdinger

    Well that went well.


    (Ok, I’m done with the Wayne’s World references now)

    Rounds 6 of the series already. This season is just flying by – thankfully there’s loads of races left, because so far it’s been a proper cx year. Mud. Hard racing against great people at really good events. You could not ask for more.

    Well, actually I could ask Santa for some skill (is is too early for Christmas references yet? Maybe I’ll go back to the Wayne’s World ones for a bit). Sunday’s race saw me mess up far too much, with poor – occasionally no – line choices, even after getting everything dialled (kind of) in the pre race practice, crashes, the lot. I’m re instigating my “Wednesday lunchtime skills in the park” sessions to try and get a bit better as I’m really losing out in any part of the race that’s remotely tricky. Fitness isn’t too bad – I seem to be able, even after generally poor starts, to pull myself back up through the pack towards the sharp end – so I’m happy with that, but yeah, time to start “playing out” a bit more 🙂

    (Pic by Alan Gibworth)

    Not that Sunday’s result was totally my fault; a sliced open tub left me trying to ride the tricky/rooty descent and following off camber sections on a pan flat front tyre (which still didn’t come off, might I add, showing off my gluing skills 🙂 ) and a jammed front mech on the other bike meant I lost a fair chunk of time. I’d fought my way up to 2nd for a while (even with the crashes and generally crap riding) but couldn’t get any sort of advantage and ended up 4th. Bit gutted, but fair play to Tom and Adam who both just out rode me (and fair play to Martin who rode off for the win).

    Onwards and upwards. No race this weekend, which is good as I’ve loads of maintenance to do (new tub gluing, brake fettling, mech unjamming etc). If you need me, I’ll be trying to ride off cambers a bit better somewhere 🙂


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  • Dave Haygarth 11:30 am on October 31, 2017 | #

    We do sessions every Wednesday and focus on ‘hard’ stuff like that – it does help to just train skills in the old fashioned way … i.e. repeat something until it becomes familiar.