• Chariots of Fire ‘cross

    I will never tire of telling people they filmed some of Chariots of fire at the Bebington Oval, where Sunday’s race was. Never. Even people who a) already knew and b) I’d told before, even though they already knew before I told them for the 1st time.

    They filmed some of Chariots of Fire there, you know.

    Anyway. Yes. Round 5 of the NWCCA league already. An exciting drive down through the arse end of a storm, nearly taking the pop-up roof off the van at one point, with plenty of reminiscing by me was we drove through the Wirral, past several childhood haunts, got us to the race site in time to see the under 8s learning the true meaning of cyclocross while grovelling through the mud. This year, the race would not be a dusty grass crit. 🙂

    A bit of pre race course examination revealed the usual nice mix of long straights interspersed with some lovely swoopy (and suprisingly tricky) corners, making the most of any cambers. As per usual, by the time us Seniors got to race on it, it was looking quite “bedded in” in places, with a couple of the straights now ankle deep running sections and a few utterly brilliant ruts appearing in the corners (who doesn’t love railing a rut like the pros eh!). Proper ‘cross.

    The race itself was a tad frustrating. A naff start, but getting back on terms with the front group within half a lap, then trying to ride when I should have just run dumped me further back that I’d have wanted, sounds like a repeat of pretty much every week for me so far this year. However usually I’ve had enough power to work my way back up quickly enough. Yesterday I really struggled to get any power going. I ground to a halt in mud that others ere able to keep their pace through. On the faster, drier sections I just couldn’t do my usual big-ring-smash effort to gain any advantage.
    Enough with the misery though, it was still utterly brilliant. More close racing. Ear to ear grins through the turns, trying to get them nailed faster and faster. Slithering about in the mud, letting the bike drift and catching potential crashes over and over again (apart from one or two…). Cross is totaly boss.

    Pic by Luke Davies – another pic taker on the Lancs Racing Scene facebook Group)

    5th and a “could have done better”.

    Next week. Leverhulme. Another power based fast course and another chance for some power to appear hopefully! 🙂


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