• Heaton Park our kid

    NWCCA, round 4. Manchestah. /swaggers off wearing parker

    The sun kind of shone. It was warm enough for ice creams (with marshmallows on!) to be eaten. Hardly any mud. Much fastness. Lovely!
    Loads of swoopy up/down/round the trees bits, some flat out across the fields bits, a bit of classic off camber action and the odd sharp corner to brake check each other on.

    And therein lay the problem.

    1st lap. Semi-half decent start. Not struggling to stay in the front gaggle. Down the drop towards the pits, the drop with a sharp right/very sharp left combo, three abreast. The other two leave it to the last minute and dab nicely effective brakes to haul them up to make the turns, I squeeze my brake levers in unison with them…and go sailing on as pretty much nothing happens.
    Through the course tape.
    Straight on at the first corner.
    Just about stopped before the course cut back across me, just about preventing an awful t-boning incident with everyone in the top 10.

    Instantly down to about 23rd place. Bugger it.

    Rest of the race was spent chasing my way back up through the field with less braking power than any of them.

    Caught up to the back of a battle going on between Isaac Peatfield and Bruce Dalton, crashed on the off camber (not blaming the brakes for that). Chased back on again. Crashed and whacked the right hand brake lever out of place. Swapped bikes, chased back on for a 3rd time and just about got in front of them on the last lap after some utterly brilliant close racing. Ace stuff.

    Pic by Budge

    Only downer on what really was some great fun racing was the whole “what could have been if I had decent brakes/didn’t bin it so many times”.

    Next week: ScouseCross laa. 🙂


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