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    Yeah, I’m still here. Just being lazy with updates.

    Done loads of riding since the National CX Champs – road season’s kicked off again, though so far it’s been a bit of a damp squib. Missed the breaks and got frustrated by those endless “sprint for 3 seconds, turn around, look s at the bunch, sit up” attacks people do…even when you go with them and try to get something going. Never sure what they’re trying to do with those…or what they expect to see after the 3 second effort when they look round.
    It’s still kind of fun.

    Pic by Ellen Isherwood

    Even when it pisses down and you end up shivering, despite wearing softshell baselayers, warmers and such. Character building or something.

    I did a fell race too – as organised by a certain Simon Fox. It was great fun. Thankfully I knew most of the route from riding round the area, so could work out where the hills would be and never felt too out of my depth. It being a night race, I imagined my 200 lumen headtorch would be awesomely bright compared to everyone elses, but I spent most of the run chasing my own shadow as people with what must have been 1000 lumen jobs stuck to their foreheads utterly outclassed me.
    Those same people utterly outclassed me when it came to running downhill too. If anyone ever suggests to you that there’s not much skill needed for running, punch them in the leg, from me. Even flat out I could not keep pace with people as they skipped and danced their way across the ground.

    Wtf am I doing….

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    Battle on the Beach went quite well. Long gone are the days of me fighting for a top ten spot in that race – with numerous foreign pros coming over and a healthy dose of the UKs big hitters turning up for the event I”m very much back in the mid pack now.
    Doesn’t matter, it’s still the same mix of “oh my god this is amazing” sprinting down the beach, followed by “this singletrack is brilliant” twisty turny fun to get back (then repeat, twice) and you’re still utterly flat out, racing whoever’s in front of you and trying to drop whoever’s behind you.
    As always, the weather was gorgeous, so a weekend at the beach felt like a mini summer holiday and the end result of 47th out of 800 or so starters isn’t too bad – less crashing and I could easily make up 10 places I reckon.
    Next time. :)

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    Over to Kielder this weekend, for the 2nd running of the Dirty Reiver. Last year was a great “big” day out in the hills, hopefully this year should be at least as good. (Less snow showers would be fine…) :)


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