• Cars Hurt

    doesn't look as bad as it feels (yet)I guess if you ride through a town (sorry, ‘city’) centre everyday at rush hour eventually something big, metal and car shaped is going to leap in front of you…likeΓ‚ it did to me last night.

    Cruising along the main road in the cycle lane, past the stationary traffic when suddenly BANG.Γ‚ The whole world looks like a car door and I’m not moving anymore.

    So now there’s a car out there with a blatently written off door (think i pretty much ripped it off it’s hinges!), my shoulder hurts like hell andΓ‚ is bruised to f-k and there is a girl somewhere in the city who won’t ever get out of a car without looking again…

    Oww (sympathy accepted)


    9:19 am on April 7, 2006 | 9 Comments | # |


  • Simon 9:53 am on April 7, 2006 | #

    Shit, sounds nasty. Hope your shoulder isn’t too buggered.

  • dgpowell 12:52 pm on April 7, 2006 | #


    doubt it’s anything a couple of days rest (and a fair old dose of medicinal beer) won’t cure…although i think i’ll give the race on sunday a miss

    i think the door came off worse!

  • Simon 1:38 pm on April 7, 2006 | #

    Cool. Was your bike ok?

    I’ve written off a Ford Granada with my shoulder before πŸ™‚

  • dave 2:13 pm on April 7, 2006 | #

    oh yes; if the road bike were to clash with a tank it would come out on top…no puny hatchback could dent it!

    perhaps this could be a new way of rating cars!

  • matt 2:54 pm on April 7, 2006 | #

    Ah bummer!
    I always expect car doors to be opened on me, there’s not much you can do about it.

    I’m sure thre’s a name for the act of opening the door into a cyclist.

  • Simon 6:56 pm on April 7, 2006 | #

    A woman pulled out of a side junction causing me to brake quite hard on my ride earlier. She then got stuck at traffic lights so I got to tell her it’s probably not a good idea to do that πŸ™‚

  • matt 7:49 pm on April 8, 2006 | #

    You should hove shot her in the face.

  • dgpowell 9:22 am on April 10, 2006 | #

    they do seem to go very sheepish when you catch up with them…

    …in my case that’s probably because some freaky, snot covered, wheezing, stick-like man presses himself against the window and starts speaking in tongues at them

    but i like to think it’s because i carry an air of absolute authority

  • matt 11:39 am on April 12, 2006 | #

    You should do a fight club on them and bleed all over their side window..