Growing old disgracefully

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    Almost forgot to blog about last weekend’s race. They’re coming thick and fast now…or they were, anyway. There’s now a 3 week break before the next NWCCA round, so hopefully I can get some good training in and get back up the results sheet a bit.
    Sunday saw another round in Liverpool (well, near enough to Liverpool for the scouse accent to be prevalent). A few days of rain meant the course was nice and muddy. It was also wide, for the most part, so it was clear lots of close racing was going to be taking place. Yay!
    For once I managed to get a half decent start, I was definitely nearer the front end than usual, which I was quite chuffed with. So chuffed, in fact, that I completely forgot about a set of steps in the middle of one of the little climbs and crashed my brains out by riding straight into them rather than around them. well done me. :-/

    see, I’m not at the back for once!

    I got back on, straightened the brake levers and got back to the “usual” thing of working my way back up through the field.
    The last few laps were spent trading places with Alex Jones (who, to be fair, is usually good few places higher up the results sheets than me, but hey, you race whoever’s in front of you 🙂 ), which was quite fun. The course meant there were loads of different line choices, so there was no problem passing backmarkers and you could launch little attacks out of each corner by taking a different route (or rather you could have done, if you’d had any sort of explosive power, which I don’t!). The lack of any sort of real “attack” for the final lap meant I eventually crossed the line just behind him, but back in the top 10. Could be worse I suppose!


    Few weeks of training now. A mixture of some top end stuff as that’s lacking ATM, combined with some longer stuff in preparation for the Strathpuffer (yep, entered it again). No idea how well that will work, but it’ll be fun finding out 🙂


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