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June 14, 2014

Care to step outside?

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OK A quick run down of what’s gone on recently:

Jase and I went up to Scotland to have a pootle round the routes that might be used for the 24hr World Championships. We’ve ridden and raced there lots of times before, so we sort of knew the course was going to be ace, but playing about on the singletrack without worrying about nutrition/race standings/all that jazz was great fun, as was riding out over some of the West Highland Way the day after. Proper hills up there. A real place of adventure 🙂


No sooner had I wiped the (surprisingly small amount of) mud off the bike than it was back in the car with it, this time to Anglesey for a quick XC blast around a brilliantly “other worldly” quarry. A good start saw Jase and I open up a gap out front before, with one lap to go, I took a wide line and smashed both tyres into what I can only assume was a hidden mountain, leaving me to run (!) down to the finish, feeling a bit deflated (pun intended). 3rd place in the end, and a good run out round a fast, swoopy and fun course. Can’t moan too much.

004 (1)

I didn’t even bother wiping the mud off for the next race, the 1st round of the Midweek Madness series in Manchester. I probably should have done, as it might have shown that the extra sealant I’d put in the tyres wouldn’t fix the holes in them properly, resulting in me managing about half a lap before the inevitable loss of air happened. Lesson learnt there. Another good fun course though, from what I saw of it and a well attended series with lots of people grinning at the end, the other rounds should be good fun!

I threw the TD1 back together in geared form for the next event, a go at the pairs category with Jase at Bristol Bikefest. 12hrs in a pair seems to be a great way to race; long enough for a bit of endurance to kick in, but (if you’re doing one lap on/one off) requiring you to go full gas every time the baton (or hair scrunchy) is passed back to you. Luck didn’t go our way, with a snapped chain and double puncture from me (seriously now, this is the worst run of punctures ever!) meaning we lost 30mins faffing about at the side of the trail/skittling about over the slippery rocks in carbon soled mtb shoes, putting us right out of contention…or it should have done. We stopped worrying about it and just hammered every lap we could despite the setbacks and fought our way back from 9th place back to 4th. Twice. No podium but a decent result given the setbacks.

IMG_2059 (1)

Feeling slightly dead legged after the Bikefest I swapped the mtb for the road bike for another very different sort of event, a hill climb competition organised by one of the local road clubs. Having done one of their events before I was quite looking forward to it, right up to the point where I set off and discovered just how much lactic acid you can hide deep in your thighs without realising it’s there. Within yards of the start line I was eyeing up roadside benches to have a little sit down! I carried on regardless, getting more and more disturbed by the fact that I hadn’t yet caught the young lad who’d set off 1 minute before me (and had to go straight to Scouts after the race!) and eventually crossed the finish line looking like death. Despite the blatantly not-interested legs and inability to get my heart rate up to where it should be for a sprint like that (it was 10 – 15 bpm lower than it would be if I wasn’t knackered) I ended up 3rd – one of only 3 riders to go under the 6 minute mark on the course, which has given me some encouragement to search out a few more hill climbs to do over the rest of the season 🙂


Oh, somewhere in between all this I travelled up to the Lakes with Angela for her first open water swim race of the year. Despite some mid race argy-bargy (this is normal apparently, and puts me off ever wanting to try it even more!) she re-emerged from the lake in 2nd place, only 4 seconds back on the winner. Result!
I took the opportunity while we were in the vicinity to go and have a ‘fast attempt’ at Hardknott pass on the bike, to enter a challenge to win tickets to a Rapha weekend during the Tour de France. that paid off as I set the fastest time, so now get to go posh camping in July. Ace!

And now? Now it’s time to watch the weather forecast for Mountain Mayhem next weekend. My first ‘proper’ go at a solo 24hr since before I used my neck as a crash mat last summer! How will it go? Will my tyres stay up for that long? am I fit enough? Lets find out… 🙂


  1. As a Strava stalker, I can’t imagine that doing the miles you do in the time you do them will mean you aren’t fit enough.

    My cap is doffed sir, that’s an impressive couple of months work!

    Comment by Ian B — June 17, 2014 @ 9:22 am

  2. Cheers dude, hopefully it’ll be fun 🙂

    (Ps int strava brilliant 😀 )

    Comment by dgpowell — June 19, 2014 @ 11:32 am

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