• The way out is through

    Time ticks on and tentatively I’ve limped a few miles as the weather’s fallen apart and winter has taken a hold. Training? No. Preparing? No. Enjoying? Yes.

    No aims up to now, nip out for a bit when the opportunity arises, ride with friends, tick of a few “I’m on my way, don’t forget about me just yet” milestones. Well, no aims but one: don’t miss the ‘puffer.

    No training for it means I won’t be tickling the podium spots, but there’s no way I’d miss it while I still have the ability to ride.
    Instead of it being a target in itself it’s become a start. A rebirth. No, not as a singlespeeder (nuts to that, I’m just riding singlespeed to save wear on drivechains while riding a race I’m not hoping to win), before you ask. Just a phoenix like rise from the ashes for next summer and for the World Championships in Scotland next October. Enjoy this with no pressure of trying to get “up there” then build, train, get back into the fight.

    See you soon world. 🙂


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  • Simon 9:52 pm on January 9, 2014 | #

    I bet you do a couple of laps then decide to get all competitive 🙂

  • grant 10:12 pm on January 9, 2014 | #


    What would Dougie Vipond say, eh?

  • Ian B 10:48 am on January 10, 2014 | #

    Good to see you’re still there, been awaiting a return to the blog.. enjoy the puffer!