• Never easy

    After a week of sitting behind a desk for 12hrs a day, listening to various rubbish sob stories from half arsed, lazy students i set off to the post office on friday to get my car tax so i could pick up said car and actually drive it. I had everything i needed, according to the various on-line guides; the MOT certificate, New Keeper document, Insurance Policy Certificate, Shit loads of money. But of course, all this preperation was never going to be enough to let me weave through the miles of beurocratic red tape that make this country great…
    …the previous owner of the car had registered it in the “disabled exempt” taxation class, so the young lad behind the bullet proof screen at the post office had no quams in telling me he couldn’t do anything for me
    “i could change it from normal to disabled no problem”, he enthused, “but i can’t do it the other way round for you, you’ll have to go to the DVLA office up the road to do that. You’re lucky though, not many towns have DVLA offices”
    i thanked him, hollowly, feeling just about as lucky as you can get when you can’t get what you’ve set out to get, and set off.
    “oh, they close in 5 minutes” he added
    Typically, the DVLA office is as far away from the post office as you can get without having to legally admit that they’re not both in the same town…
    “and you need to fill in a load of forms”
    I took the appropriate forms, and checked the DVLA website to see when they were open. Perhaps not suprisingly, they are only open when every bugger, me included, is in work. So god knows when i’m going to get to go and give them the Shed loads of money i’ve got for them.

    I’m sick of owning cars and i’ve never actually driven my own!

    Continuing in the “never easy” theme, i set off early this morning to begin the base training for 2008 and managed to get 8 miles down the road before a double puncture used up all my spare tubes. I manged to get the spares up to pressure with a rapidly dying mini-pump and limped home. I threw the road bike into the house, grabbed the still-muddy-from-last-week scandal and headed off over darwen tower and winter hill/rivi pike.
    It’s not easy to stay withing base training limits over hills like those, and i failed to do so…partly becuase they need some oompfh to get over steps and rocks and partly because it’s just fun to hammer up and down everything on the scandal…the max heart rate of 198bpm and average of over 160bpm for the ride being testament to that.

    Now i have aching legs and no car. Maybe some nice form filling in will cheer me up.


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  • matt 7:19 pm on September 22, 2007 | #

    Base Training – Smase Waining.

    I think i need 29inch wheels sometime, or maybe just a fatter tyre, or, erm a less poorly shaped frame……

  • dgpowell 8:09 pm on September 22, 2007 | #

    yes you do
    the scandal with saguaros at 30psi is just ace round rivi, i dropped some fully suspended people downhill without pedalling over the cobbles

    drifty sweeeeet

  • matt 1:46 pm on September 23, 2007 | #

    “i dropped some fully suspended people downhill without pedalling over the cobbles”

    Most people mince around rivi though, I rode faster up the hill than some chap with full face, armour and suspension was going DOWN the hill!


    I can;t wait to be back on a frame I can run big (fat) tyres on, conti 2.3’s are crap and I can’t get more than 2.3 in the KHS anyway… the 2.3 Geax, were like balloon-tyres-of-fun.

  • steve 7:53 pm on September 24, 2007 | #

    If it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth doing. Bit early for 2008 base miles though! 🙂 SB

  • dgpowell 9:10 am on September 25, 2007 | #

    sadly i have to start the base stuff early (as in, when everyone else is enjoying peak fitness during the late summer months, bah!) so i can get some decent fitness together for the strathpuffer in Jan…

    still, on the plus side i’ll be kicking everone’s arse in february…when no-one’s doing anything…and no-one cares…

  • matt 3:24 pm on September 25, 2007 | #

    “Base miles” is just an excuse for not riding fast 😉

  • dgpowell 5:46 pm on September 25, 2007 | #

    “Base miles” is so my body gets more efficient at using the fat from cakes for energy at higher intensities when riding

    and it needs to be SERIOUSLY efficient at that 🙂

  • matt 10:17 pm on September 26, 2007 | #

    You should see if you can get funding for a study into “the effects of cake* on elite athletes”

    *and other confectionery delights.

  • dgpowell 10:05 am on September 27, 2007 | #

    I am sat directly opposite the brand new sports physiology labs at the uni right now…eating a bacon, sausage and egg buttie

    the call has not yet come for me to take part in any sort of athletic experiment, but i remain hopeful 🙂

  • matt 6:55 pm on September 28, 2007 | #

    I am sure it’s only a matter of time that they see you and call you in for some form of physical torture. There can’t be too many more triumphantly athletic specimens than yourself.