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    The 3 peaks is off due to Foot and Mouth. Suffice to say I am properly gutted about it, i was starting to enjoy the ‘clambering about with a bike on my shoulder’ training for it and was really looking forward to all the crazy riding
    A small bit of compensation is that this year’s entries have been carried over for next year, so i can train for it for longer knowing that i’m definately in…but it’s still pretty depressing, ESPECIALLY when you consider that cancelling the race because of one tiny outbreak of the (totally preventable) disease at the other end of the country in a very localised area from a known source could be classed as “a bit OTT”…

    ANYWAY, I pretty much now own a car! Woo!
    After getting thouroughly sick of looking at bangers for weeks i’ve ended up with a little vauxhall corsa 1.4LX [EDIT: It’s actually a Vauxhall Corsa 1.4i Breeze, which is slightly more powerful and quicker…and a nicer colour…and a year newer (r reg), i thought my parents had put down a deposit on a different car, oops/woo!], for the princely sum of £695…i should be picking it up on saturday, so KEEP OFF THE ROADS


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  • Simon 6:54 pm on September 17, 2007 | #

    Yeah, it sucks. Just think how fast you’ll be after an extra year of training though!

    As for the car, looks like I’ll be selling my road bikes at the end of the week 🙂

  • Rich 8:49 pm on September 17, 2007 | #

    Does that mean you can do the Open 5 now, assuming it is not called off as well

  • matt 11:20 pm on September 17, 2007 | #


  • Wayne 8:58 am on September 18, 2007 | #

    Nice car, we have a corsa and its well good cheap and easy to service yourself.

  • dgpowell 9:03 am on September 18, 2007 | #

    hopefully i’ll be fitter at this point next year as a result of my New Training Plan (A) for 2008 (i’ve just finished it, it’s BIG, with 20% more hardness), so if i add in some running from an earlier point in the year i should ROCK the 08 3 peaks 🙂

    oh, yes rich, i can now do the open 5…have dug out my scary-slippy trainers for some ankle breaking fun!

  • matt 6:29 pm on September 18, 2007 | #

    ” Vauxhall Corsa 1.4i Breeze

    woofter :0)

    if you park it somewhere i’ll ride into it for you.

  • dgpowell 7:12 pm on September 18, 2007 | #

    if you were to do that i’d have to answer “yes” to the “any modifications” section of the car insurance questionnaire, which would push the price up…
    …though i’m not sure how much “go faster matt-dents” would cost me

    nowt wrong with a good stiff breeze…oo, that sounds uber-gay

  • matt 11:11 am on September 19, 2007 | #

    is it pink?

  • dgpowell 11:19 am on September 19, 2007 | #

    no, it’s some sort of metallic blue i think (i haven’t actually seen it yet)