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April 24, 2013

Go to Gisburn

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For the past few weeks (months?!) I’ve been pretty much just a roadie. Getting the miles and hills in on the tarmac while the trails bury themselves under several foot of snow, then turn to component eating slop and, to be honest, I’ve been loving every minute of it.
Every now and again, though, those expensive looking MTBs in the kitchen demand attention and like to remind me that, at heart, I love riding off road at least as much as riding on it.
The opening of some new trails at Gisburn, combined with an afternoon off work, provided the opportunity while the idea of solid surfaced trails offered the slop-free temptation. I had to off road! 🙂

New sections of singletrack at Gisburn

More Gisburn singletrack

Homebaked at Gisburn

A couple of hours later I left, already planning a return with more people. 🙂

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