• Good News Day

    john is back
    John Boyman – an example of what would happen if Trinny & Susannah and Mr Motivator were cloned to create the ultimate athlete/fashionista – is back in facebook form (you’ll need a facebook login to see). Hurrah! The legend lives on!

    Guy has offered to step in to help at SITS this weekend, which i am now determined to go fast at – i’ve not blown up at a race at all this year, so this might be a good time to see how far i can get at speed before dying (then see how well i can hang on once dead). Big up to him, again (he’s stepped in at previous races to save the day).
    speaking of SITS, the WeatherWatch this time round comes from uk.weather.com, as they claim there’ll be no rain during or before the race. everyone else claims it’ll be poo over the weekend, so stuff them, uk.weather.com rules!

    I passed my driving test yesterday (woo) so now I’m road legal, despite stalling while trying to get across a dual carrigeway turning right and spending most of the test apologising to the examiner! 7 minor faults seems almost miraculous considering just how badly i thought i was driving, perhaps she was just taking pity on me…

    Oh and the strathpuffer ’08 dates are out, yay! More sub zero stupidity in the pitch black!


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  • matt 10:02 am on August 8, 2007 | #

    Nice one, dave, now you just need to /learn/ to drive

    This weekend will be mixed. I’m thinking dry but cool,

  • Simon 10:19 am on August 8, 2007 | #

    Ace! All of the best drivers stall during their driving test πŸ™‚
    I’m also going with the uk.weather.com forecast, it means I don’t have to go out and buy my first ever pair of mud tyres.

  • dgpowell 10:51 am on August 8, 2007 | #

    i have some old panaracer fire mud pro’s you can borrow/have (they’re 26″ and thus won’t fit on my bikes) if it gets that desperate…which it won’t, as it’s going to be lovely all weekend


  • Simon 11:29 am on August 8, 2007 | #

    If you have a bit of space on the way down it would be cool if you could bring them Dave. You know, just in case like πŸ™‚

  • TimK 12:17 pm on August 8, 2007 | #

    Good luck Dave, i’m sure you’ll be very fast and wont die, although watch out for that Simon Barnes, he’s been doing lots of sneaky miles πŸ˜‰

  • matt 1:18 pm on August 8, 2007 | #

    “heÒ€ℒs been doing lots of sneaky miles”

    Has he?

  • Simon 1:32 pm on August 8, 2007 | #

    Sneaky to anyone who doesn’t look at my ride diary.

  • dgpowell 1:51 pm on August 8, 2007 | #

    I noticed Mr Barnes at Mountain Mayhem; he claimed to be just taking photos, but it was clear that he was actually eyeing up potential rivals and making notes on who to look out for while racing at SITS…

  • TimK 6:35 am on August 9, 2007 | #

    You’ve been tapering Mr Barnes, you can’t pull the wool over my eyes πŸ˜‰

  • Tom 8:39 am on August 9, 2007 | #

    By tapering you mean partying?