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October 4, 2011

Half arsed WeatherWatch

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Relentless 24 up in Scotland this weekend. The final 24hr solo of the year, so it’s both the final fling for 2011 and the begining of some serious training for the 2012 Strathpuffer all at once.
Am I in any shape for it?
Seriously. No. I’ve barely ridden a bike for over a month. I’m a bit of a shambles and have had some sort of vague illness that’s stopped me from getting any training in. Hopefully it won’t rear it’s head during the event.

The bikes are showing signs of being ragged all year too. The frames etc are, of course, still 100% awesome. But the drivechains are a bit worse for wear and I’ll be running on some wheels I bought for under £100 after my lovely DT hub/Bonty rim wheelset finally bit the dust. Zip ties and gaffer tape sum this race up, this time round.

After all that misery, I’m still looking forward to it. Everything from the drive up there though the Highlands, the race course, the laid back atmosphere, the mid race views, it’s all genuinely brilliant and I can’t wait to get going, even if I have to grovel round at the back!

Right, last year was done in lovely warm sunshine, what about this time:

The BBC Say…

Oh arse. 🙁

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