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August 18, 2011

Quickie round up

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Right, hello, what have I been up to recently…good question.

Not much riding due to moving house & work stuff getting in the way, but did head over to Yerkshire to do the On-One mtb maraton thing. Some nice trails over the NY Moors, followed by Jase’s cranks falling apart, followed by riding past all the nice singletrack at Dalby Forest pretty much sums that one up.
I finally did the “Pendle Predator” sportive that basically follows my “afternoon off work” road training route – I’ve wanted to do it for a couple of years just so I could ride the route without having to carry all the food and water I’d need all the way round. It was ace, because the hills and the scenery are ace (and they had Mars bars at the foodstops). Jase had more bad luck when his tyre fell apart – we learned that the average distance an energy gel wrapper wil protect an innertube is 23 miles…

Apart from that I’ve barely ridden a bike. My fitness is floundering and I’m praying that a couple of long rides this week (including the 10@Llandegla race on Saturday) and a couple more next week will give me enough of a boost to enjoy the Kielder100, which is looming large on the horizon. I’ve pretty much written off any hope of a high placing already and doubt I’ll even be able to beat last year’s time, but you never know…

A noteable exception to the ‘not riding’ rule was nipping over to Scotland for Jase’s unofficial 40th birthday ride, at Mabie forest. Good trails, a good laugh, laid back riding and lots of chasing each other through the singletrack made for a great day AND WE ALL CLEARED THE NORTHSHORE SECTIONS honest 😉
Wayne took a tumble and did his ribs in, but he’s hard so will still be in wales on Saturday to eat bacon butties and tell me, Phil and Lee to get a move on. Ace.

What’s been lacking for a while (apart from the whole ‘structured training’ thing, but that’s coming back with a vengence now just in time for Relentless24) is having adventures on bikes. No Daft Rides have been done for a while, so that will be changing, because adventures are what it’s all about…

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