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February 11, 2009

Cold out

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Last night.
Very cold. Cold enough to, in the 3 hours i was out and about, freeze the water in my bottle to the point where i had to smack it against the top tube of the bike to get anything out.
Surprisingly, I stayed quite nice and warm despite only wearing a ss cycling top, mid weight ls jersey and a windproof (erm, plus tights, socks, oversoes, gloves and such…i wasn’t naked from the waist down or anything like that). Well, I stayed warm until the rain that wasn’t forecast turned up and soaked me through, then i did get cold.

I think it’s time to get rid of my old blackburnm x6 lights – the battery, which originally claimed to last 7hrs on full blast when using one head unit, dropped to reserve power after 2hrs 40mins (not for the first time), suggesting that it is very much “on the way out” – you have to spend a good few minutes convincing it that it wants to take a charge from the plug too, which is annoying. Luckily I’ve got several dinotte batteries and 2 dinotte head units knocking about ATM so I’ll just use them instead 🙂

Can we have spring now please, bit bored of winter.

February 8, 2009


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Never actually made it to Hit The North 1.5 thanks to a car dashboard that didn’t want to work yesterday morning. I’m currently wondering if it just doesn’t like the stupidly cold weather we’re having at the mo’, as the digital clock in the odometer has been resetting itself each time you pop the key in the ignition for the past few weeks. Yesterday was the first time that no of the dials had moved though.
After realising that all the lights still worked I decided to head out anyway, even though i sort of knew i wouldn’t get to the race in time, thinking i could maybe help out or just cheer people on, only to discover that the directions i’d printed off the web were utterly useless (i should have realised i was in trouble when they sent me the wrong way before i’d even left my own road…). I never got there. Damn.

Oh, and after a short while with the heater on full blast, the dashboard jumped into life (it was fine earlier today as well…in fact the clock hadn’t reset itself either). Damn.

Instead I spent the day buried in a database and faffing about with shopp, which is now working quite nicely on a site i cobbled together for a friend at work. (Thanks also go to matt for putting up with me and pointing out the blindingly obvious)

Didn’t ride today either – wasn’t really in the mood to battle through throngs of people who i had no doubt would be out on all the hills, searching for any remaining snow to play in and certainly wasn’t in the mood for ice adventures out riding on the roads. Instead I did some faffing with my upcoming training plan, changing next week from a rest week into a more power based series of workouts (how serious do i sound?!) as a result of having a couple of days off this weekend and started hunting for more races to enter (and hopefully actually get to…)

February 3, 2009

crime can’t crack itself

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just the job for a tuesday evening while watching the ice and snow slowly melt and drop off the cross bike after a nice afternoon playing in the snow 🙂

(6hrs, 85.2 miles, 9036ft climbing, 15mph, 156bpm hr, lots of surprised looking forestry commission workers, -3 lowest temp, v windy, sunny, fun)

February 1, 2009


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quite a nice ride today, nothing new, just the “normal” 75miler over tatham fell, still nice though; friday’s after work ride showed in no uncertain terms that sitting on your arse eating is not good for you and a ride that’s normally around the 2hrs 45 min mark took 3hrs 1min, even with the highly annoying wind giving me a hand up over the trough of bowland. It was a bit worrying really.

Today though, I ride quite well. Not brilliantly, i’m still a million miles away from being properly fit, but there was definately a bit of pace around me.
A decent pace, I thought, until, cruising down the A6, I got used as a moving target several times in a row by a bloke out on his TT machine.

First I knew about it was that wonderful sound deep section carbon rims make, the sort of wwwWWWWWHHHHOOOOOOOOOOMMMmm and all of a sudden there was a flat backed figure 10 seconds further up the road from me.
He seemed to slow a bit and over the next few hundred metres I caught him back up, said hello and passed him, all without changing speed (well, the speed was hovering between 20 and 23mph, depending on which direction the road was pointing). He dropped back for long enough for me to forget all about it until the sound returned and i was suddenly 10 seconds back again.

This went on all the way from lancaster to garstang, where i attempted to stage a bit of a fightback on a little hill just as he caught my back wheel. I think the surprise of me leaping out of the saddle and creating a whole new series of creaks and groans from the very-tired drivechain as i thrashed about up the incline, with my forever-unzipping-themselves overshoes flapping in the breeze, had more of an effect on him than any surge in speed, but it was enough for me to reopen a couple of seconds gap on him as i crested the top of the hill and sat back down.
He caught me again after not very long at all, grinning this time and nodded as he went past. I jumped on his wheel and watched the computer shout out ever more painful numbers at me, it hit 28 and stayed there for about 30 seconds before ungracefully sliding back down as my head dropped and my legs decided that 52×11 wasn’t a gear they were interested in.

Annoyingly, not long after he slowed again and i recaught him. I attempted to congratulate him by saying “you’re dropping me like a stone at will, nice!” but only managed to cough out “you pass like stone”, while blowing snot bubbles. Awesome. I have no doubt the smile he gave was one of those smiles you give people who are worrying you.

He didn’t repass me after that and i eventually came to a halt back at home 4hrs 10mins after I set off, which is a decent time to do the ride in at this time of year – especially when you consider i had to stop to pick up a glove i managed to drop while rummaging around in my jersey pocket for food, near dunsop bridge and had to get off and tip toe round a couple of patches of ice up on the top of tatham fell.

Looking at the weather forecasts, i think most of next weeks rides will be on the newly-fixed cross bike, which is probably a good idea seeing as i’m supposed to be racing it next saturday at Hit The North 1.5…crikey, that should be a laugh given how little speed i see to have right now…

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