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January 25, 2009

clambering back aboard

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got up quite late (for a sunday) crammed bike back into back of car, sped over to Wayne’s, crammed his bike in the back of car, took scenic route to gisburn forest (read: made up new route), met rich in car park, rode “good old” trail, looked at blossoming DH course, played in woodsy singletrack, snuck a sneak peak at the new trails, fell off on innocuous little corner, palm of right hand now really really sore, went to pub, got funny looks from woman behind bar for wanting mild not lager

new trail

all in all, a gentle way of getting back on the bike…with a surprisingly painful little crash, oww 🙁

January 20, 2009

…the aftermath

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me on the sunday morning

2nd place at strathpuffer 2009.
Not a bad result, feels a bit galling as i lost what feels like loads of time with mechanicals (lights conking out part way through a lap, punctures, exploding gas cartridges and the like).

Would proably have dropped out if angela hadn’t been there every lap (ie 26 times) waving cups of tea and anything else i felt like I’d need at me.

Didn’t kill as many brake pads as I expected – think it was about 3 pairs and the ice tyres i bought specialy still haven’t been used, which just goes to show how unpredicable the race is.

Shaggy won, nearly lapping me by the end, Alex Slavin came 3rd (he beat me in 2007), Kate came 3rd in the womens cat IIRC, Angela became known as “bag lady” in the registration tent due to her tirelessly running round for me carrying bags of, well, anything i wanted really and I think everyone had a laugh and a proper “experience”.

We took the scenic route home round loch ness and over the highlands, it was awesome. Seriously impressive stuff with the recent snow just adding to the remoteness of it all.

The new tent is huge, I can stand up straight even in the lowest corners and you could quite easily lose someone in there. the phrase “maybe even Too Big” was uttered (but quickly forgotten).

The car did brake down on the way there, but was fixed by another nice AA man simply by pressing a big red button under the bonnet, after which it’s been fine (and even quite sure footed down the icey highland roads).

I’ll do a proper write up, either here or over on on-one in the next day or so, once I’ve finished eating left over food 🙂

January 6, 2009

the calm before the…

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OK, so we’ve got:

  • a room in the Ben Wyvis booked for the Friday and Sunday nights
  • some nice new studded ice tyres on order
  • about a millionteen brake pads on standby
  • all my winter clothes out
  • 4 li-ion batteries for the dinottes, plus 2 spare backup lights with 5hrs run time each
  • the worlds largest tent (piccie below) ready to become a home from home

can you tell what it is yet?!

The joy that is web-based route planners all agree on the quickest route to the strathpuffer, however there seems to be some discrepancy between them on how long it should take: the shortest time being 5hrs 37mins and the longest currently standing at 7hrs 14mins.
I’m planning on it taking all day as I’m quite tempted to stop off and do some tourism en route – the dalwhinnie distillery is temptingly close to the A9.

Angela has agreed to come along for the experience. Well, for the experience of a weekend in scotland, not so much for the 24hrs in a tent watching me get steadily more grouchy and muddy. So my usual car driving playlist of angry-music-to-be-angry-at-other-car-drivers-with will probably need some alteration and I won’t be able to use the passenger seat of the berlingo as a larder, but at least i won’t end up talking to myself for hours on end 🙂

big tent in bags, muddy bike on rug

As you can see, the new tent is hugely huge – and this is before it gets removed from it’s carry bags (and we all know that tents never fit back in their carry bags properly once you’ve dared to remove them…). Oh and no, I’ve not cleaned the Uncle John since the race on sunday, I know I should, but it’s cold outside.

January 4, 2009

my day in numbers

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The plan was to ride over to todmorden, have a go at the cyclocross race chipps had set up in the local park there and ride back. So that’s what I did.

The ride out: (including practice lap of race course)
35.71 miles
2377ft climbing
3hrs 22 mins
134bpm av heart rate
times i doubted my navigational ability: 2
times i got lost: 0 (woo!)

The race:
8.65 miles
1617ft climbing
51min 22secs
188bpm av heart rate (4min 37secs above 197bpm)
crashes: 1
no idea where abouts in the field i finished

The ride home:
33.04 miles
2377ft climbing
2hrs 10min
160bpm av heart rate

av speed for the day: 13.6mph,
and the average temperature (!) was 0 degrees
people not recognised: 1 (sorry Ed)
cake turned down: 1 (stollen…did look nice, but would have made a re-appearance on the big climb out of todmorden straight afterwards)
times lapped by the leaders: 2 (i think)
cocked up remounts: infinate
times big ring used during race: 0
3 high 5 bars, 1 fruit and nut bar, 1 energy gel eaten
2.5lts maximuscle “viper” drunk
3 pairs of socks worn (max at any one time)

more numbers as i remember them 🙂

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