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June 27, 2008


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Looks like another wet endurance event for me this weekend; this time the Open12 in the Peaks.

Tonight will be mostly spent packing a kit bag without really knowing what we (me and rich) will be doing during the race! The organisers mention “stomach tightening” special stages and insist each team has items such as gardening gloves and swimming goggles with them!

Suffice to say I’ve not done any running in preperation for it (I think i’ll use it as an excuse to kick start my running training for the 3 peaks later in the year) and my navigational skills are still fairly poor so it should be interesting to say the least…

June 24, 2008

mayhem 08

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Lets start with a little history lesson:

Sleepless in the Saddle 2006: 6th place solo
Mountain Mayhem 2007: 6th place solo
Sleepless in the Saddle 2007: 6th place solo
Mountain Mayhem 2008: have a chuffing guess.

I mean really?! What’s going on?!

Wayne’s support for the whole race – as well as being DJ in the way home – meant i didn’t die a death, despite my stomach doing it’s “I’m not allowing you to consume anything” trick again. He also kept the bikes going brilliantly so I never had to worry about slipping gears or owt like that and he steadfastly refused to complain or look miserable for the whole race. I don’t know how he does it; I’d have gone mental if some grumpy looking sod stumbled into the pits at 3am and demanded I sort the tyres out and raise the saddle a bit while he just sat there gazing vacantly at the floor!

I’m going to moan a bit now, just to warn you

The course started out stupidly congested and never really quietened down (i think they let too many people race TBH). It wouldn’t be so bad if everyone was experienced at racing, but a lot of the racers are “noobs” and throughout the 24hrs you’d get processions of riders 5 or 6 people long trailing each other through all the singletrack sections. This isn’t so bad when you’ve got enough energy and strength to power past the whole group, but 18hrs in I couldn’t get past that many people in one go so ended up having to tag onto the back of the conga line on several occasions. That kinda sucked.

I’m not going to maon about how unridable the course got, because I’ve raced there 3 times now and knew exactly what it would be like. I fitted (or, more accurately, ‘Wayne fitted while i sat gazing vacantly at the floor’) 32c cyclocross tyres to the scandal as they were the only tyres that wouldn’t clog the frame with mud and that seemed to work quite well, although i’m a bit gutted that all the stodge getting pulled across the frame by the cranks managed to wear away some of the anodizing on the previously new looking frame:

scuff marks on the chainstay


It certainly wasn’t all bad though, the course (when ridable) was good fun…not particularly technical but fun nontheless. There was a really good vibe in the solo tent and for the most part it was the same out on the course – though i think a few people who aren’t used to racing brough some pretty crappy attitudes with them. “Team On-One” rocked, with all of us getting right up there in the results despite the conditions/stomach issues etc.

The results are up on the mountain mayhem site for you to peruse…i dont remember taking 3hrs 13mins for 1 lap, but it does seem to have taken place in the middle of the night, so maybe that’s not too suprising!

I’m off to eat lots of cake now, as i think i’m owed a few calories!

June 16, 2008

Bedded in…

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finished building/tidying up the new scandal on saturday and what better way to check everything was correctly adjusted, tightened properly and bedded in than hammering it while racing?!
Nowt that’s what, so i did (race it…a bit)
The NPS series came to Grizedale so i entered the whyte enduro on the sunday and gave the bike a bit of a pasting.
I can officially say that everything that sas going to come loose has now come loose and has been sorted.
The chain came apart twice; both times it was the “QR link” thing that dissasembled itself on the rocky singletrack sections so now i’ve got rid of them and have put the chain together properly (and was eaten alive by miges while sat around in the woods fettling it)
The headset loosened off once (fair enough, that was just bedding in)
The saddle slipped down in the frame lots of times, though i think i’ve got that sorted now by turning the seatclamp round and winding on lots of torque

dusty, raced and ready for more

I’m v. happy with the riding position and overall feel of the bike, now the bars are the right width for me it felt really nice and natural…possibly slightly too long for really gnarly tech DH stuff, but then that’s not really what the bike is all about…and it didn’t slow me down on any of the swoopy, rocky singletrack or steep descents while racing, so i’m happy!

The course was good fun, it was what i was hoping the wildboar24 course would be like, with lots of rocky singletrack interspersed with some fireroad climbs to break the field up a bit, so i really enjoyed myself.
I only did 4 laps and didn’t go flat out on the tech stuff (mayhem is in a few days and i didn’t want to smash myself up poitlessly) but i got my heart rate up a bit, had the bike sorted by the last lap and managed to take part in another event where it didn’t rain! Yay!

Kudos has to go to joolze for taking pics in the most insane places; risking life and limb on some of the most crash-prone corners for what will no doubt be cracking shots!

June 13, 2008

The devil’s in the detail

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nearly finished the new scandal (which i shall name scandal02, as i have no imagination). This one’s obviously newer than Brants; you can tell cos the decals (etching/however they’ve done the branding) on the non-drive side actually say “ScandAl” not “AlScand”!

the finishing touches needed to get it race ready are:

1) cut down the fleegle pros a bit. they were obviously designed to fit mr tickle comfortably.

monkey bars

2) get another front mech as the one i had on the cabal has no tyre clearance (it had a curved seatube, whereas this frame doesn’t)

mech issues

3) glue the glittery-blue grips on cos angela has been eyeing them up jealously

June 10, 2008

cooking with gas

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at least, wayne’s arms were on Sunday’s “proper summer” ride (sun, warmth, milkshakes and cake, dusty trails, sunburn etc). 🙂

after the demise of the cabal i’m getting together the new parts i’ll need for it’s replacement; another (pimped out) scandal, which should look fairly similar to the current one:

on-one scandal 29er

but weigh a few pounds less, the full spec being:

Frame: on-one scandal 29er
Fork: On-one carbon superlight
Headset: on-one smoothie

Bontrager Race x Lite 29er
QR: USE Ti spin stiks (silver)
Tyres: Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.4″(dry) Bontrager ACX 2.2″(mud)

Rims: Mavic Open Pro black
Rim Tape: cloth parcel tape
Spokes: DT competition black
Hubs: Shimano m750 XT disc (black)
QR: Shimano XT
Tyres: IRC Mythos II 2.1″(dry) Bontrager ACX 2.2″(mud)
Tubes: no name cheapo (26″ ‘to save rotating weight’)

Brakes: Hope Mini (145/165mm rotors)
Bars: on-one fleegle pro’s
Stem: FSA XC115 (flipped to have -5 degree rise)
Grips: ODI Subliminal


Shifters: Shimano XT Rapidfire
R mech: Shimano XTR
F Mech Shimano XT
BB: Superstar ceramic HTII
Chainset: Shimano XTR (hollowtech 2)
Middleburn xtr hardcoat slickshift chainrings
Chain: Sachs pc99 hollowpin
Cassette: Shimano XT 11-32
Cables: Shimano XT
Pedals: Crank Bros Eggbeater Ti
Seatpost: USE Ti alien
Seatclamp: Cannondale
Saddle: Planet X Team Ti

might have it built and ready to go for this weekend’s NPS marathon in grizedale – a nice last minute bit of training for the following weekend’s Mountain Mayhem.

Rich is currently panicking/fixing his bike as he’s entered in the microsoft challenge, which he claims will be “good practice” for the Open12 race we’re doing together the weekend after Mayhem. I’m secretly hoping he’ll tire himself completely out so he doesn’t make me look rubbish (so if you’re in his team and are reading this, please feel free to push the pace…)!

It’s tough being a corporate hot racerboy sometimes 😉

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