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May 11, 2008

clic24 quickie

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yup, i won, apparently.

the organisers claim i did 23 laps, equalling the course record, which is nice.
i was sure i’d only done 22, which would have got me joint first with another lad, so i guess (for me) it doesn’t make that much difference really

more later (ie tomorrow)

May 7, 2008

Clic24 Weatherwatch

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Only a few days to go before the trip down south for CLIC24, woo!

I ‘won’ it last year so felt obliged to go down again this year (yadda yadda yadda, not fit enough yet yadda yadda yadda), and if the weather remains as the bbc claim it will be, it’ll be ace!

Hopefully it should be a chilled (yet sunny and warm) weekend away in the mendips with a big load of bike riding on top notch singletrack thrown in for good measure. It’ll also be a good test for the berlingo’s ability to swallow huge amounts of riding kit without sounding like it’s about to snap it two (like the corsa did when wayne and i headed off to Rich’s stag do a couple of months ago…).

The cabal has a brand spanking new drivechain and new pimpy wheels (though, should it be wet, these wil be coming off and the old kit will get mullered instead), the scandal is still running smooth as a very smooth thing and about 1,000 batteries for various lights are draining the mains supply back at home as i write this so, with any luck, i will be fully sorted in plenty of time.

I just need to remember to buy lots more red bull for the journey back up after the event…

May 1, 2008


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middleburn slickshift hardcoat xtr chainrings
(click for bigger)

New chainrings for the cabal’s xtr chainset arrived this afternoon and, despite all being the same make and model, they are all slightly different colours
Not really different enough to be classed as totally different, but they definately don’t match, which will cheapen the look of the chainset IMO

(Yes, feel free to call me sad and vain for worrying about such things but, you know, it’s all silly expensive stuff, it should at least match ITSELF, if nothing else!)

Can’t think of anything else to write…erm…i’m not fit yet (lousy weather + illness = not enough training over the “spring” so far), so i’m aiming to get fit enough possibly for Mountain Mayhem and the later races such as SITS and Hit The North…CLIC24 is coming up not this weekend but the weekend after, immediately followed by Wildboar24 the next weekend, which should be interesting…then the morning after Wildboar I’m off on my holidays for a week (should be “fun” getting up at 4am the morning after a 24hr solo race…)…err…that’s about it i think

ho hum

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