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April 2, 2008

It’ll be raining but…

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…what the hell. think I’ll take Friday off work and ride out from preston round the 3 towers route, then nip over from peel tower and do the mary townley loop, back to peel tower and home again (taking in darwen tower for a 2nd time to see how my legs fair up the hill after a good few hours riding). Should be about 120 miles i reckon (including all extra singletrack-y detours), with oodles of climbing and plenty of views.

Have had a couple of slack weeks riding wise, so it’s time to get mashing the legs and get some more components worn out 😉

Not sure whether to use the CabAL with it’s lovely new freehub and racing ralph’s (mmm, 2.4″ lightweight, fast rolling, yummy goodness) or the ScandAL with it’s silky smooth new headset. Both rule in different ways, though only one has a computer on it at the moment, so I guess whichever it is will be the ‘chosen one’!

I think the new car will be ready for pick up this afternoon (they’ve not rung me yet to tell me it’s not ready anyway…), so hopefully I’ll be able to get the ‘new keepers supplement’ and mot certificate so i can run to the post office and get it taxed straight away and get it home. Woo!

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