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April 22, 2008

Just like Local Radio

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Check out the beginning of Richpips’ multi million dollar empire no doubt.

Sounds like a good thing to do if you fancy riding a top bike and not getting lost in the Peaks!

Coming soon (possibly): Adverts for “The Mortgage Point” and “Charnock Richards Cycles”*

random bike pic
here is a random picture of a bicycle on some singletrack in nice weather…taken over a year ago as that’s the last time we had nice weather for over 6hrs in a row 🙁

*This bit is funnier if you live in Lancashire and have to listen to drivel like Rock FM alot…

April 18, 2008

Mint Bicycles

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click for more retro bmx action!

Wayne’s labour of love is finished and looking overly spangly, I expect to see him pimping it up on the start ramp of various tracks very soon.
(It looked like this when he first bought it)

My bikes are nice too, but i don’t have any new pictures of them, so you’ll have to use your imagination. The cabal looks pretty hardcore right now with it’s new race x lite wheels…i should probably get out there and ride it!

My recent rides have been hard and fast (road bike last sunday, 6.5hrs @ 161bpm), loads of fun (6hrs mtbing in the spring sun on tuesday @ 149bpm) and utterly miserable (4.25hrs in a hurricane @140bpm yesterday). More riding to come tonight and saturday, I’m presuming both of these will be in the rain as that’s just about the only type of weather I’ve not had to put up with so far this week…

In “other news” Wall Street, a bar just up the road from my house has closed down. I had many a good night there as a student, with mates working our way through the cocktail menu (then demending the bar staff make our own concoctions). Never thought that would disappear!
I must be getting old.

April 10, 2008

I’d just do it myself anyway…

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i get robbed in broad daylight
(pic courtesy of Guy)

Here we see angela attempting to relieve me of my wallet at Rich’s wedding 🙂

Not that I need any help getting rid of my money; today for example i’ve just forked out for some new wheels for the cabal, which was lightened my monetary load to the tune of many hundreds of pounds. This now means I’m back to using DT 240s hubs, hubs I first got for the Transalp 3 years ago and loved utterly, hubs i never had to service in any way in all the time i had them…hubs that were still in such good nick when I got rid of them i was able to list them as “nearly new” despite them having suffered innumerable races under me.
I have no doubts that these new ones will work just as flawlessly (and fit disc rotors, unlike the old ones, which is why i got rid of them).

April 7, 2008

Racing Ralphs

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Top tyres. They’ve totally transformed the cabal. It was a fast, sinewy, uber bike that just wanted to keep on going for hours and hours. Now it’s a fast, sinewy, uber bike that just wanted to keep on going for hours and hours that you can control to the Nth degree, with an added confidence boost on descents and technical sections. They really are ace!
racing ralph gracing the front end of the cabal
Took Friday off work to go for a ride. Set off at 7:45am, got home again at 5pm, enjoyed everything inbetween.
Didn’t get to do the whole MTL cos of, yep you guessed it, the SODDING WIND. Instead I turned around 51 miles in and headed back the way I came (with a few minor alterations). This worked out quite nicely and I still got to have a go at riding up “The Rake” in ramsbottom, something i’ve been meaning to do since i first found out about the hill climb races they have there. Admittedly 2.4″ tyres @ 30psi aren’t ‘the best choice’ for a fast time, but i enjoyed getting that well aquainted with the headtube of the bike as i leant forward crazy amounts to keep my weight in the right place while laying down a bit of power!
I’m happy enough with how i felt at the end of the ride, not too beaten up and with no real ache in the legs (OK i could tell i’d been for a ride, but i was by no means tired), i just need to sort out eating/drinking, which i’m still rubbish at when on the bike.

Geeky Ride Stats:
97.45 miles
11.6 mph av.
10,027ft climbing
9hrs 15mins outside (you can do your own maths if you want to know how much time i spent clambering over stiles/opening gates etc)
3 nutrigrain elevenses, 1 clif bar, 1 geosource choccie bar, 1 eat-natural almond/apricot bar, 0.5 cornish pasties, 3 powerbar energygels eaten
2.5ltrs psp22, 500ml water drunk

April 3, 2008

white green van berlingo man

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So i went to the showroom to pick up the new car, at which point they were still cleaning it, so to entertain myself i toddled off to the local lost office to tax it (hello mr. brown, hope you enjoy that little gift). Annoyingly, the berlingo was first registerd on 4th Jan 2001, so i had to pay the “Cars Registered before March 2001” price, which was a whopping £185 cos it’s got a big engine in it.
The fact that it produces less emmissions doesn’t matter seemingly. Damn.

Anyhoo, i got back with the tax disc just as the lads at the garage finished hanging the air fresheners, did the whole “handshake” thing, got offered some half price tyres when the ones currently on it wore out (nice) and set off! Woo!
The bloke in charge pointed out the petrol station directly opposite the garage as there was bugger all in the tank, but i had a better idea, i knew tesco’s was just down the road so i decided to ignore the obvious and practical petrol station directly in view and headed off in search of cheapo fuel.

5 minutes later i was sat in rush hour traffic next to the reebok stadium, in completely the wrong lane to get to tesco’s, chanting “dontrunoutdontrunoutdontrunout” as i tried to get round yet another roundabout using no engine power at all.
Amazingly, despite all my wrong turns i would still have made it…had i not made ANOTHER wrong turn and driven into bolton wanderers car park. D’oh!

I was halfway to the exit, still chanting “dontrunoutdontrunoutdontrunout” as the car started it’s death throws. A few

Buhh, bup bup bup, buhh bu…’s

later and i was coasting to a halt, with many dashboard lights flashing at me impatiently (including one saying “airbag” which was a bit scary, as it suddently struck me that this might be some sort of “warning, airbag about to deploy” message…it wasn’t, however, but i imagine i looked a bit daft, braced for impact as i rolled slowly to a stop).

Several walks and one confused girl at the counter in the petrol station later, I had bought a emergency petrol can, filled it, stuck it in the car and then filled the car too. Though my lovely new car now smells of air freshener and petrol, damn.

I only stalled it once on the way home (i was sure i’d put it in first, but obviously not) and managed to find a place to park it right outside my house for once, woo! It drives suprisingly nicely for what is essentially a van with windows (and seats) and my only issue with it right now is that the front door locks are fiddly – much key waggling is required for anything to happen. Still, it’s got a warrantee, so i might nip back up at the weekend and get the garage to look at it, if i can find time between working out bike layouts in the cavernous boot 🙂

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