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March 31, 2008

Rich got Hitched (to Louise)

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flying bouquet

Well I think that went well!
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, no one got lost, or fainted…”You’ve Been Framed” will have to wait for someone elses wedding to get their ‘camcorder comedy’

Everyone looked good – it’s nice to see people dressed up occasionally – and I didn’t go flying in my posh shoes so I’m declaring everything a success.

A couple more pics will follow, I didn’t take many as I didn’t have my camera for much of the proceedings and neither the bride nor the groom seemed enthusiastic about getting all dolled up again on the sunday morning to re-enact it all. Oh well.

They might not have wanted to get all dressed up for a second time for me, but they did get me a super-ace gift:

campag corkscrew

How cool?!

Anyway, more to follow…

In Car News: the new one is not going to be ready until wednesday as he needs some sort of new part for *something technical in the dashboard*. Apparently he got a 2nd hand one but it didn’t work so he’s having to buy a brand new one (at over £100). Ho hum.

March 28, 2008

Did I say Doblo?

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I Meant Citroen Berlingo Multispace
Drove (just) to Horwich, looked at said berlingo, test drove said berlingo, realised said berlingo was far superior in every way (and a damn sight quicker when you put your foot down too), bartered over said berlingo and then bought said berlingo

said berlingo

Got £500 for the corsa in part ex, though they wouldn’t accept the bike rack…well, they wouldn’t give me any money for it anyway, even though I doubt I will ever need it again. Result!

My current (and only) problem with it is the colour of the interior, it’s like this:

gallic flair or just vomit


In “Other News” Rich and Louise tie the knot (not literally apparently) on saturday. I am looking forward to seeing Rich look smart, as is Louise I imagine…it’ll be a new experience for us all!

March 23, 2008

should’ve watched ski sunday more often

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I thought to myself as the front end of the bike lept out of the hidden rut it had been buried in. my paniced attempts to regain control just forced the tyre to drift further out through the deep powdery snow and caused the rear end to step out in the opposite direction, leaving me sliding sideways, singing the theme tune to ski sunday and awaiting the inevitable crash.

snowy corner

i was out for 4hrs earlier today and failed completely to get the hang of controlling the semi-slick shod bike in the snow. i crashed more times than i think i ever have before and had great fun going “off piste” on winter hill…i think at one point i managed to put together about 3 carving turns and just about got out a “woop”…which quickly turned into an “oof” as the back end snapped out of line, overtook the front and dumped me into the fluffy while stuff
stupid and marvellous 🙂

In car news: i’m getting rid of it. it’s making new “bad” noises and i can’t be arsed paying any more out to keep it going, so i’m going to get rid of it, get into lots of debt and get myself a silly looking (but infinately more practical and efficient) fiat doblo instead.

March 17, 2008


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This emptiness, this effort is a welcome friend. I am nowhere, surrounded on all sides, gaining height, gaining strength?, alone and insignificant yet the most powerful thing existing right now. Locked on the course cemented beneath me I will flourish in my confines and revel in the expanse. I will throw my breath at this most man-made of challenges, watch it absorbed by the surroundings and delight in how I can never be champion here. The glory is not mine, it is all around me and to be there is joy unbridled.

March 10, 2008

Rich’s stag do

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rich goes commando

It was a very “rich-esque” event. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, despite often being soaked through and covered in mud. A small northern town/village was drunk dry. All good fun.

My camera seemed to die a bit after taking a few pics (TOP TIP: if your camera isn’t waterproof, torrential rain isn’t the best set of weather conditions to be taking pics in)

Guy got some pics too as well as some vids.

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