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February 29, 2008

half the images

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on this site have fallen over. sorry.

it’s ‘cos they’re hosted/hidden on the server at work and we’re faffing about installing a new cms…on a new set of servers…so everything’s moved around and isn’t where it once was.

i’ll get it fixed when
a) i can be arsed
b) i find where everything’s ended up

February 27, 2008


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Yes, I’m blogging about the earthquake. As if nothing else happens around here…ahem.

My 7hrs beauty sleep was abruptly halted at just before 1am this morning as i was violently shaken around the bed by angela, crying out “what’s that, what’s happening”. A blurry second or two later i was fully awake and realised the bed was moving of it’s own accord in what felt, perhaps somewhat ironically, a most unnatural way.
As quickly as it began it stopped and the utter silence that followed would have been disconcerting, had it not been stupid-o’clock in the morning.

Angela’s first guess, that it had been “a massive gust of wind” was somewhat ridiculed by me as there was no noise accompanying the movement. I, in my semi alseep state, came to the conclusion that it must have been one of the houses at the other end of the terrace we are attached to suffering some sort of structural damage (I’ve been waiting for one of the shonky chimneys on our row of houses to collapse for years and was secretly delighted my amature surveyor skillz had been proved right…). Without any noise. Well done me, top deduction work there. D’oh.

I spent the next 10 minutes sliding my way around the walls of the house in the dark, feeling for abormal cracks or bulges. It occured to me halfway through that, having never slid my way round the house before, i had no idea what lumps and bulges had already existed, so the whole process was a bit pointless. I couldn’t find a reason for doing it in the dark either, so i turned the light in the living room on and scared myself silly by finding myself inches away from a potted plant that, on first sight, looked like a tree that had come through the wall (to me).

When I’d satisfied myself that the house wasn’t in any iminent danger (those surveryor skillz coming in handy again) i went back to bed and tried to get back to sleep through the mixture of confusion – as to why no-one else in the street had noticed, fear – that something deadful was about to happen – and nostalgia that had engulfed me.

The nostalgia, in case you’re a bit confused, came from living in halls of residence during my first year at university. Halls of residence sited about 10 metres away from a railway line. Halls of residence sited about 10 metres away from a railway line built in the usual university style of ‘quick and cheap’. Halls of residence that wobbled violently whenever a train went past…to the point where you were taking your life in your hands sitting in the living room when a frieght train rolled past as big chunks of ceiling would fall down. Good times…

The alarm went off at 7.30 this morning to news of the earthquake and once again i was woken by angela, this time saying “see, it WAS an earthquake”, as if i didn’t know that straight from the off. Pfff, of course I did, what else would it be…

I’m now hoping that all the shaking has loosened some of the gunk that been making our drains, err, drain slowly recently. I know it works with me sometimes when i go for a run and…erm, actually, i’ll leave it there…

February 25, 2008

mmmkay then…

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Friday’s ride was cut short after i realised that being up on the exposed hilltops probably wasn’t such a safe idea…given that i was riding up a 12% climb in 52×11 with a tailwind at one point and was unable to hold my face steady (let alone the bike) riding down waddington fell.
Luckily i’d already done a big chunk of climbing so didn’t feel too bad for hiding down in the valley floor and cruising round for the rest of the ride (which ended up being 5hrs 15mins and simply wasn’t difficult or long enough to tire me out at all).

Sunday’s ride was rainy, sunny, rainy, rainy, windy, windy, rainy, sunny, warm, cold, windy, rainy…in that order.
Despite this, i knocked a massive 25mins of my usual time for the 52 mile route DESPITE having to stop and swop the left hand eggbeater that collapsed again (I KNEW it was going to do that!) and finding time to stop briefly to chat to another rider up on Rivi who’d never seen a 29er before (jeez i didn’t even know such people still existed!).
The back brake wore out 27 miles in and it was as muddy as hell, but the hills posed no problem and i just span comfortably for the whole ride without getting tired. Nice.

Perhaps the nicest thing about the ride (call me sad if you want to) was cleaning the bike afterwards; the scandal’s black anodizing still looks 100% of ace when it’s clean, proper pimpy, even after nearly 2 years of constant hammering!

Looks like more crazy weather for this weeks afternoon rides again. Ho Hum.

February 22, 2008

people keep doing this…

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Rich did it a few years back (you can see some of the piccies he took here) and now terry is doing it too…

new zealand

lucky gits!

i shall remain firmly planted in the UK with just our marvellous gale force winds and heavy rain for company on this afternoon’s 7hr ride 🙁

February 20, 2008

Where are my damn endorphins?

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I thought, as the instructor of the spinning class suggested i might want to “add some more resistance and toughen up the hill” for the third time in as many minutes. Admittedly i think she was just reiterating what she’d already said, rather than expecting us to continually wind more resistance on to the spinning bike’s wheel, but each time she said it it sounded like a challenge. I tightened the brake again, forced my legs back up to speed and waited for the pain relieving hormones to kick in.

“You should be at 60 to 80 rpm”, shouted the instructor “and climbing hard”. This grated with me somewhat; i’d been out riding all afternoon, before coming to the leisure centre to finish off the day with some good old thrashing on a exercise bike, and on all the climbs i’d done outside (of which there had been many) i’d been reduced to far lower than 60rpm. Not in a weak and feeble way, you understand, but when fighting your way up a half mile long 1 in 6 gradient with a smallest gear of 39×23 (and you’re not in it…), 60 rpm suggests that your chain’s come off and you’re about to topple over in a heap!
I fought on, spinning at between 45 and 50rpm, still waiting for the blessed relief the endorphins would bring.

At least it was warm in the spinning studio. The temperature outside had dropped to the point where my face was stinging in the wind while i was riding, in fact i’d gone from riding with no jacket and an unzipped winter cycling top just after lunch to contemplating stuffing bits of hedgerow newspaper down my tights to keep myself warm in the darkness of the evening. Overheating in shorts and t-shirt was a nice feeling in comparison, even if other people at the class did seem to be giving funny looks and thinking that no one person should sweat quite that much…

“OK we’ve reached the top, knock some resistance off and get ready to do some sprinting down the descent”, said the instructor. Now this should be good, i thought. i didn’t get to do much of that while outside as random patches of ice had halted me in my tracks several times (I’d hit the first patch i came across, realised how completely out of control i was and had basically closed my eyes and waited for the pain to arrive. Through sheer luck i’d not wiped out, but decided that creeping round the frozen death-traps was the better part of valour and stopped well in advance from then on). 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off came and went, then came and went again. it felt good to hammer at full pelt…it felt great in fact, i was loving it. Aah, this’ll be the endorphins arriving…damn, too late to use, the class has finished. Oh well. Next week maybe i’l ride for longer beforehand, then i’ll rule!

Ahem: mapmyride claims the route was 105 miles (it’s not, it’s 108) and only has 2540ft climbing…which is utter rubbish!

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