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January 31, 2008

Getting set

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hit the north mtb marathon I’ve entered Hit the North. You should too. It’ll be ace. 12hrs racing/playing/just having a go on a decent course that isn’t down south. GET IN

Other entry forms to be sent off tonight include CLIC24 and Wildboar24. Yes, I’m doing 2 24hr races (solo, of course) in 2 weeks 🙂

Rich has already entered us in the Open12 12hr adventure race and as soon as the entry forms for Enduro6, Mountain Mayhem and SITS come out I’ll be coughing up for them too.

I’m already in the 3 Peaks CX race (so I should really start doing some running at some point) and will no doubt enter a few of the Merida 100k races over the summer too.

Lets rock!

Still ignoring the car

January 27, 2008

all will kneel before me…

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Having realised this morning that i haven’t actually built up a fully working mtb since the strathpuffer last week, i headed out for a quick spin on the road bike.
I had no real plans and didn’t want to be out for too long so decided to just hammer round the trough of bowland, which i duly did.

There were quite a few other riders out and about (i discovered later that preston wheelers had a reliability trial going on, which explained it) and somehow fate managed to spread them out in such a way that i saw at least one other rider on every hill.

You can probably guess what i’m going to say next.
With a rider ahead of me on every hill, knowing i was only out for a few hours and coming off a rest week I was in the mood for rider destruction 🙂
2hrs 38min and 51.26miles after i set off i arrived home with every scalp i saw hanging (metaphorically) off my bars and a HRM that had hardly stopped flashing warnings at me for the whole ride.

OK it was possibly not the greatest bit of training for the summer 24hr races, but it was lots of fun, good for the soul and left my legs in a state of shock…which is something they’d better get used to 😉

2hrs 38mins
169bpm av. (201 max)
250ml water drunk (oops!), nowt to eat
12 riders destroyed (politely, of course;always say hello)
2 dour looking women in full “Fat Birds Don’t Fly” race kit waved at cheesily (“cheer up love”)
time for a coffee methinks 🙂

i’m ignoring the car at the moment.

January 25, 2008

No-one in the world

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has googled the words

vauxhall, corsa, intermittent, fault, engine, cut, out, stall

more than me.

Damn car seemed fine after getting a crankcase sensor replaced, did a few 20mile journeys at a fair clip with no problem…even got me all the way to the strathpuffer (360 miles of motorways and 60mph a-roads) with nary a splutter. Sadly about 7 or 8 miles in to the return journey it did it’s wonderful “cut out” thing and i rolled gracefully to a stop at the side of anther road 🙁

Luckily it did it before i got to the bridge over to Inverness…where i would have blocked pretty much all scottish traffic in one go, and once it restarted it didn’t die again. But now i know it’s not fixed and could do the same again (it always seems to happen about 10 – 15 mins into the journey, usually when just cruising along), i’m on the verge of adding some dents to the door panels with my foot

Tonight i will be mostly removing and cleaning the terminals on the temperature sensor and looking to see if the coil seems knackered (though i have no idea what it’s supposed to look like anyway…). After which i will be mostly attacking it in a Basil Fawlty stylee with a tree branch.

January 22, 2008


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Big long drive up to scotland.
Told by organisers when i arrived that the weather was too bad to be allowed on the race site or to camp. Managed to find room in local hotel (coincidentally the same hotel richpips was staying at, so we sat around watching the weather drinking guinness in posh looking lounge, rather than in scruffy tent…nice).
Big rush on saturday morning to get camp set up and ready for start.
Missed start (just)
Course made of lots of sheet ice; no ice tyres slowed me down
Ice melted in places, lap times dropped
Started to speed up, legs feeling really good
Marshalls telling me very encouraging things about my performance
Still feeling good
Need to stop to change brake pads
It all goes wrong in the pits, first bike declared dead after 2.5hrs fettling
2nd bike dies on 1st lap out…already well out of the race by now anyway
3rd bike (made of bike of other bikes) doesn’t work after 1 lap
I go to bed

Comparing lap times on the sportident site it’s pretty clear i was riding well. Didn’t feel like i was at full pace, knew i had more to give and felt good. Stomach wasn’t happy, but then i wasn’t expecting it to be; this was always going to be a slog through feeling rough and i was made up with just how good i was. I knew i could cope with the sicky feeling and keep on at the same sort of pace. The training i’d been doing was working.
Like last year the bikes felt spot on for the course, definately a 29er race course, everything was working and my head was in it properly; no panic, no stress, just a calm, controlled grip on how i was riding.

Fitness is heading in the right direction though, so it’s time to look at what i’ve got planned and see how i can improve on it before the next race. Bit of reflection and all that.

footsteps at the beach

January 17, 2008

i’m sure i’m forgetting something

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  • bikes: check
  • camping stuff: check
  • riding kit: check (lots of)
  • spare kit for when (lots of) riding kit gets wet: check
  • enough lights to rival the sun: check
  • numerous sleeping bags: check
  • car tank full of petrol: check
  • small fortune for more petrol: check
  • car on best behaviour: dunno yet, bloody hope so though!
  • lucky haircut: check 🙂
  • £50 worth of snacky food: check
  • more food: check
  • “proper” energy food: check
  • brake pads: check
  • list of excuses: check 😉
  • growing sense of panic regarding weather conditions for the drive there/back and race: check
  • zip ties: check

Just a bit more of a FranticPack(tm) tonight and i’m ready to go strathpufferwards :/

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