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December 24, 2007

saturation point – v2 now with better maths

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This was going to be another whine about the weather and rubbish equipment, but after further consideration i’m going to sing everything’s praises instead.

It rained for the full 7.5hrs I was out, but never got too cold and the rain got rid of the ice that’s been plagueing the country roads for the past few weeks. This meant i could hit a few more hills without having to engage “panic mode” and that can only be a good thing.

Despite the rain i stayed nice and comfortable. No breathable fabric, no matter how expensive or how good the marketing hyperbole, is going to keep heavy rain out when your riding for that amount of time…especially when you’re hitting 50mph on some of the descents. Despite this the gore jacket, dhb gloves, sealskins socks and endura overshoes limited the ingress and allowed me to stay warm enough throughout.

This was the first ride i’d done using my new potion, Nature’s Kiss HotStuff rub, supposedly designed to keep you toasty while out in the winter weather. Well, i think i could tell it was there during the ride, a bit. I can definately tell it’s there now I’m at home and i’ve had a shower…i’m pretty sure it’s meant to start working at an earlier point than “several hours after the ride”, but i might be wrong…
Smells lovely though, i currently have cinnamon-y legs, mmmm 🙂

The ride itself was quite nice, like i mentioned earlier i got to do some hills i’ve been missing out recently, which was nice. I’ve still got no power whatsoever but seem to be OK at just plodding at a fairly low intensity, which isn’t too bad a position to be in at this time of year. The crank bros. pedals are making some god awful noises already – they’ve only been on the bike for a couple of months, so they’re a bit rubbish – and the rear brake pads finally died off halfway round the route (meaning i took the longer, flatter 2nd half, rather than risk hurtling off the road), but given that they have been on the bike since i first got it, some 6,000 miles ago i won’t complain – they’ve outlasted one rim for gods sake!
The ride ended up being 134miles (not 142 as previously claimed, d’oh), but i can’t tell you the average speed as the constant rain took it’s toll on my 10,000+ mile old £10 computer. Well, either the computer went “a bit funny” or i really was doing 132mph along the a6…i live in hope 🙂

So there you are, stuff tried it’s best and did well, however as we know – with the exception of the rider – nothing’s perfect, but it’ll do!

December 21, 2007

I rock

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mattmagic's rider of the year

I also steal images 🙂

Can i rock even more in ’08 and kick ass at the races? Let’s hope so.

December 20, 2007

Management caves in

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After years of demanding more snooze-time while in the office, they-who-are-often-ignored (often referred to as “management”) have capitulated and bought me a hammock for use during work 🙂

executive hammock

It was noted that my productivity was unlikely to fall as a result of being asleep at my desk.

In non-non bike related news i hate winter, can’t ride very well and feel so unfit compared to last year it’s unbelievable. Currently looking forward to the strathpuffer, not because i’m in amazing shape ready to kick arse, but because it’s a great course and something just plain silly to be doing!

December 18, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Dribbly

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Good: C W Autos of Preston: I dropped the car off yesterday lunchtime, working on the assumption that I’d possibly get it back before the weekend (they were so busy there was no room at the garage to park, so i had to leave it on the street nearby!).
Got a phonecall just before 5pm the same day “yeah, it’s all fixed, we’ve sorted the reverse lights and your front tyre*, cleaned everything in the engine, put some antifreeze in and it’s all ready to go”
Not hideously expensive either, marvellous.

Bad: Last night’s ride: Sucky strong wind, combined with a knackered rear mud guard that simply WOULD NOT stop rubbing on the rear tyre meant i didn’t get very far and was in no mood to train really (so it became a short, ‘base intensity’ ride…). At the halfway point, just over an hour in, i got so fed up with the buzzing mud guard i ended up ripping it off the bike at the side of the road and jumping up and down on it!

The Dribbly: Our shower has died somewhat, meaning we can now have either cold showers with a decent water pressure, or a slightly warm shower that just about forces it’s way out of the shower head at a slight trickle 🙁

*there was a screw stuck in the front tyre apparently (which kind of explains why it had lost pressure a couple of times), who knew?! 😉

December 17, 2007

ice ice baby

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Overshoes are ace.
They may make your feet look silly, but i had toasty warm toes all day yesterday, so i don’t care how pixie-like they appear, they rule.

In fact, despite the temperature never getting above 2 degrees yesterday i had a cracking ride over the mostly frozen ground. In fact it was so fast and fun i had to add a few miles of extra hills in to make it last long enough. Ace. Even hitting random patches of ice was fun as it just led to 2 wheeled drifts and kept the heart rate up on the descents! Hello also to Wayne, who was spinning up towards rivi pike as i trundled down the AICR – you could tell it was cold as even he was wearing leggings!

The weather is set to stay the same over this week, so i think my evening rides will be on the mtb rather than the road bike as 32c slick tyres and ice don’t mix well. Tomorrows afternoon ride before spinning will probably still be on the road bike though, so there’s still scope for me to go flying off into a hedge somewhere…

Am dropping the car off at a local garage at lunchtime today to get it serviced before its first Monster-Huge journey of the year, up to the strathpuffer in January. There doesn’t seem to be anything in particular wrong with it, but i’ve a fear of breaking down in the middle of the highlands and getting eaten by wild deer, so reliability is key right now!

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