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October 30, 2007

From the archive…

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me, many moons ago
Taken during one of the (then) Schwinn 100k marathons back on 2001.

Note the tiny steel frame (it rocked), marzocchi xc700 forks (that only held their air pressure for about 30 mins, meaning most of the time they were bottomed out flat!), 52 tooth big ring (real men use huge gear combo’s) and uber-skimpy hope hubs.


That bike did everything from xc racing, like in the pic, right through to hooning off 5ft high flights of steps onto flat concrete landings, without complaining or breaking (much).
Most of it is now residing in a bin in my back yard, a somewhat undignified end i think you’ll agree, but i can’t bear to throw it away (or build it back up).

(I still own those shorts too, which is kind of gross)

October 25, 2007

Into the gloom

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me into the gloom
I don’t want the clocks to go back. I know it means an extra hour in bed and more light in the mornings, but to be honest the mornings should be all about getting up before it’s light so you can be ready to get going once day starts.

I want that hour of light in the evening when i can actually use it to do interesting things in (yeah, alright, i mean riding bikes). I know it’d still get dark at 5pm in the depths of winter even if the clocks were to stay at BST, but the utter misery of finishing work an hour early to go riding only to realise that it’s already gone dark is, well, miserable. Very miserable.

Don’t get me wrong, nightriding is fun. Even on the roads you can feel a little safer, peversely, because out in the unlit countryside you can see cars coming from miles away and work out if they’re driving like a loon. All these modern lights mean you don’t have to slow down even down ruddy massive fast descents, with no real weight addition to yuor bike and burn times that can dwarf all but the longest of rides, but i’d still rather ride in daylight…when there’s scenery to see.

And it’s nearly christmas (apparently)

October 23, 2007


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1) Dalby forest has nice trails. We didn’t get to ride all of them over the weekend but what we did ride was good…even if rich did wallop his knee on a rock
2) People in Yorkshire drive like loons, a tip to them; if i’m on your right at a roundabout junction, don’t pull out on me!
3) I’m not as fit as i was back in summer, but i’m heading in the right direction. A decent time of 4hrs 5mins for my hilly 75mile sunday road ride (4hrs dead or under is good) followed by a solid ride over the big hills yesterday afternoon suggests I’m recovering well from each ride and gaining a little more strength each time, hurrah!
4) I like riding bikes
5) I have run out of facts

October 18, 2007

film review – black sheep

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mutated killer sheep
Bloody awful brilliant!
If you were to get past the whole idea of sheep as terrifying killers flocking about the countryside all you’d be left with was a selection of equally terrifying one-liners and “re-animator” esque (for those that remember it) monster effects and blood splatter moments.

Luckily it’s pretty much impossible to get over the whole idea so the one-liners and monster gore fest are just extra layers of icing on this tasty film-cake 🙂

People have mentioned Shaun of the Dead as a similar film, which isn’t really true, though it is another film blatantly made by people who love horror and have a slightly twisted sense of humour

Go and see it with your tongue firmly planted in your cheek, then avoid farms on the way home 😉

Blacksheep – the movie; fun website too

(Oh, to give you a good idea of what to expect, there was a trailer before the film for another new release called “Shrooms”; a horror about some teenagers who go off into the forest for a weekend of eating magic mushrooms and are then set upon by monsters when they take “evil mushrooms used by ancient indians to see the future and alternate realities”. Mmkay.)

“the little baa-aa-stard”

October 15, 2007

to summarise

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Took Friday off work to get the first big ride of the pre-2008 season done and as a nice welcome to winter it rained constantly for the full 7 and a half hours. Some of the hills were high enough to mean i was in the cloud rather than the rain pouring out of the bottom of them, but that was just as wet…in fact I had my first “proper” crash on the road bike coming down waddington fell in the cloud when my back tyre gave up trying to grip the slippy road surface and overtook the front (luckily i had scrubbed off quite a bit of speed to try and get round a corner so all the was damaged was my pride).
Strangely i didn’t mind the weather too much and was able to ‘just get on with it’ without getting too fed up and arrived home later feeling suprisingly fresh. Good. I must have more fitness than i thought, i might inject some extra ‘ooomph’ into the training coming up this week and next to see how my legs cope.

Sunday brought about the long awaited return of “lets go exploring”. Rich and i headed off along some tracks we’d seen in the past but had never ridden on, near darwen tower. We rode some nice fun singletrack, some nice fast double track and through some god awful boggy moorland (you know the sort; pedal, pedal, sink front wheel up to hub, get off, extract bike from ground, pedal, pedal etc). There’s more to explore up there i think, so eventually we should be able to make a nice big loop…should to ground ever get the chance to dry up/freeze.
Oh and i fell off (again), while trying to ‘thrutch’ the back end of the bike up out of a rut the back tyre slipped and i ended up on my arse in a mudy puddle. Damn.

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