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September 22, 2007

Never easy

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After a week of sitting behind a desk for 12hrs a day, listening to various rubbish sob stories from half arsed, lazy students i set off to the post office on friday to get my car tax so i could pick up said car and actually drive it. I had everything i needed, according to the various on-line guides; the MOT certificate, New Keeper document, Insurance Policy Certificate, Shit loads of money. But of course, all this preperation was never going to be enough to let me weave through the miles of beurocratic red tape that make this country great…
…the previous owner of the car had registered it in the “disabled exempt” taxation class, so the young lad behind the bullet proof screen at the post office had no quams in telling me he couldn’t do anything for me
“i could change it from normal to disabled no problem”, he enthused, “but i can’t do it the other way round for you, you’ll have to go to the DVLA office up the road to do that. You’re lucky though, not many towns have DVLA offices”
i thanked him, hollowly, feeling just about as lucky as you can get when you can’t get what you’ve set out to get, and set off.
“oh, they close in 5 minutes” he added
Typically, the DVLA office is as far away from the post office as you can get without having to legally admit that they’re not both in the same town…
“and you need to fill in a load of forms”
I took the appropriate forms, and checked the DVLA website to see when they were open. Perhaps not suprisingly, they are only open when every bugger, me included, is in work. So god knows when i’m going to get to go and give them the Shed loads of money i’ve got for them.

I’m sick of owning cars and i’ve never actually driven my own!

Continuing in the “never easy” theme, i set off early this morning to begin the base training for 2008 and managed to get 8 miles down the road before a double puncture used up all my spare tubes. I manged to get the spares up to pressure with a rapidly dying mini-pump and limped home. I threw the road bike into the house, grabbed the still-muddy-from-last-week scandal and headed off over darwen tower and winter hill/rivi pike.
It’s not easy to stay withing base training limits over hills like those, and i failed to do so…partly becuase they need some oompfh to get over steps and rocks and partly because it’s just fun to hammer up and down everything on the scandal…the max heart rate of 198bpm and average of over 160bpm for the ride being testament to that.

Now i have aching legs and no car. Maybe some nice form filling in will cheer me up.

September 17, 2007


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The 3 peaks is off due to Foot and Mouth. Suffice to say I am properly gutted about it, i was starting to enjoy the ‘clambering about with a bike on my shoulder’ training for it and was really looking forward to all the crazy riding
A small bit of compensation is that this year’s entries have been carried over for next year, so i can train for it for longer knowing that i’m definately in…but it’s still pretty depressing, ESPECIALLY when you consider that cancelling the race because of one tiny outbreak of the (totally preventable) disease at the other end of the country in a very localised area from a known source could be classed as “a bit OTT”…

ANYWAY, I pretty much now own a car! Woo!
After getting thouroughly sick of looking at bangers for weeks i’ve ended up with a little vauxhall corsa 1.4LX [EDIT: It’s actually a Vauxhall Corsa 1.4i Breeze, which is slightly more powerful and quicker…and a nicer colour…and a year newer (r reg), i thought my parents had put down a deposit on a different car, oops/woo!], for the princely sum of £695…i should be picking it up on saturday, so KEEP OFF THE ROADS

September 6, 2007

I begrudgingly accept!!!!

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this particular insurance quote from

click to reveal the prices
click to reveal the prices

Not bad eh?!
especially as it would be my very first car…and i’ve only had my licence for a month…and i’m under 30…and i’m male

something *May* have gone wrong there…

September 5, 2007

Not dead…

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just busy since i got back from holibobs.

also busy searching for bargain bucket car seeing as my payrise/backpay ended up being less than half of what i was expecting. damn. if i was still on holiday i’ d throw myself off this cliff*:
a big drop
click for bigger

training for next year starts tomorrow (!) although it’s kind of a mixed bag with more training for the 3 peaks taking up most of it, so it’s not exactly base training…but won’t be serious race-season type stuff as i’ve just had pretty much 3 weeks off the bike, so i’m not in tip top condition
i’ll say it’s endurance training and keep it at that 😉

*actually, no i wouldn’t, it might hurt

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