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July 12, 2007

bonty twentyfour12 weatherwatch

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Well, it’s either not bad at all: clicky for beeb
or not great: clicky for ukweather

The bikes are ready to rock (well, the cabal is, the scandal is seriously in need of a new drivechain…but isn’t getting one until the weather promises to be nice to it) and i haven’t actually unpacked a lot of my kit from mountain mayhem (no, i don’t mean sweaty clothes, before you get grossed out), so i’m nearly ready to go.

Sadly i’ve done no real training since mountain mayhem (one week off after the race to recover, then one “peak” week last week with reduced hours and nearly nowt this week as i have to taper down for it) so i have no idea how i’ll hold up. Hopefully i’ve not lost too much fitness, but we shall see!

July 9, 2007

bonjour le tour!

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This weekend was spent watching lots of overly skinny people ride bikes quite quickly down in Laandaan.
Marvellous it was. Much sun, big screens to watch the action from when you didn’t want to stand next to the course, millions of people all getting into the spirit of it.
support cars follow the riders over london bridge
(click for big)

Sadly much of the prologue course was 3 rows of people deep for most of the day so i didn’t get any really good pics, but it was still a lot of fun to be there

a rider in the prologue
(click for big)

I got to the course a bit earlier on the sunday and found a good position to watch the riders and take pics from. Apparently i picked a really good spot as within about 15mins i was surrounded by pro photographers, european TV crews doing reports and paparazzi. They all seemed polite (more so than various TV documentaries would have me believe) and there was little in the way of jostling but sadly the great view was spoiled by an official photographer on motorbike following the race, who decided that directly in front of me was a great place to shoot from 🙁
thus my pics now consist of his back with the edge of some riders in the corner:

damn cameraman
(click for big)

Sadly, leaning over wasn’t much of an option with the paps next to me and cropping the pic kind of ruins it, see.

Despite the lack of pics, the weekend was good in an all round kind of way and including doing the “proper tourist” thing of pointing at various buildings, annoying people on the tube and getting waylaid in soho

A few more pics:

July 2, 2007

Nothing pleases me more…

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Than a shiny clean drivechain.
So imagine my horror when i discovered that the lovely xtr chain on the cabal, that had been bright enough to blind passing space shuttles before mountain mayhem, had tarnished. Take a look at the pic in the previous post of me walking at the start of the race with the clean bike, notice the uber-polish finish on everything drivechain related, especially the chain itself. Now look a this pic:
section of chain on cabal
(yes, you can click it for a bigger version, if you’re as sad as me)
Oh the horror!
The plates have become a dirty grey colour round the pins! No amount of Finish Line citrus degreaser, chain bathing (if you don’t ride bikes in mud you won’t understand what a chain bath is) and scrubbing with a mixture of Lava Wipes, GT85, and scouring pads from the kitchen seems to clean it off. It’s almost gone the colour of a [uurh] cheap chain.

Suffice to say i am gutted. The bike simply doesn’t shine like it should after A Good Clean (and i must stress this is all after A Good Clean; i ride these bikes loads, far more than half the fun is getting them filthy riding for miles and miles). I might write to Mr Shimano and demand to know why his chains fall far short of Mr Sachs/Sedis’ chains in the “remaining rediculously shiny” stakes; the sachs pc89 hollowpin chain on the scandal is still blinding people left and right, despite being older.

Oh, you can bet your life that rust you can see isn’t there any more (nor are either of the blades of grass on the chainring) and yes, i am as disappointed as you about the scratches on the chainring (not the wear on the teeth, that’s good as it shows the bike is used).

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