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April 24, 2007

Things I like…

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In no order and with many ommisions:

  • dry trails
  • warm spring sunshine
  • quiet
  • cake
  • pork and pickle pies
  • 29ers
  • mountains
  • the seaside
  • not getting up when the alarm goes off
  • cups of tea
  • the simpsons
  • family guy
  • pizza
  • being the only one at the top of a hill
  • peoples “phone voices”
  • the internet
  • holidays
  • pictures of rides
  • jaffa cakes
  • the atmosphere at endurance races
  • emailing people while at work
  • jelly sweets
  • whiskey
  • eating peanut butter from the jar

April 20, 2007

Superlight: Unofficial 1000

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Yesterday’s ride (116.98 miles, 17.1mph av speed, 51.7 max speed, 145bpm av heart rate, 214bpm max heart rate (slightly dubious), lots of big hills, 11mins 43secs stationary) on the superlight took it over the 1000 mile mark.

I’m quite happy with this as it’s first ride was on the 15th March, so it’s taken just over a month to get there while sharing it’s ride time with the scandal.

Of course, the 1K is unofficial; it includes rides to work/the gym and isn’t just made of training or racing, but hey ho!

I guess i’ll have to stop calling it the “new” superlight now.

yes i know my house is a tip

April 16, 2007

My Favouritest Place…

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rich on whins fell…in the world, possibly (it’s certainly one of them). Up on Whins Brow in the Trough of Bowland. Once you’ve conquered the climb as much as is possible and have carried your bike up the final steep section you get a great panorama, looking down on the next hill (yes, you’re high enough to look down on the next hill) you can see hours of riding ahead of you streched over the following fells.

Of course, you have to get down the descent first, which isn’t easy…in fact i’ve never ridden it all with both feet on the pedals, the combination of loose rock, narrow singletrack path and big drop to one side always conspire to have me scooting one footed down most of it. But it’s worth it, just for the view if nothing else.
see, it's a nice place to sit and eat your pasty

In other bike related news, my training for the 24hr season is still in full swing.
Last week was a 21.5hr slog (i rode just over 300 miles outside over t’hills, plus a couple of turbo trainer session aimed at getting a bit more explosive power, should you care)
This week is set to be similar, culminating in another Leisure Lakes XC race on sunday which i will no doubt be utterly worn out for (my eyes are on bigger prizes now, so if i don’t place well it’s no loss) and the week after is set to be bigger, with several 6hr+ rides intermixed with some more short high intensity rides before everything starts to taper down for CLIC24.

April 5, 2007

Burfday ride in the lakes (jealousy content)

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Not saying too much about it, except that it rocked. Lots. Felt like summer (silly tan lines to prove it available). Trails were mostly dry and fast. Trails were also ACE (the North Face trail in grizedale was the dullest part of the day!). I rode really well and cleared loads of technical sections. Less hike-a-bike sections that i expeced (cos i ruled riding everything). Everyone i met was cheerful. Bike ruled (even after i boiled the front brake nailing the descent off high street!). Left me buzzing and wanting to do it all over again.
yay, technical trails ahead
sweaty, grimy and happy
burfday cake at the top of high street
super fast singletrack all the way down

63 miles.
10mph av speed.
147bpm av heart rate (including all food/map reading stops).
Sh*t loads of climbing (not everything registered on the computer due to having to shoulder the bike up some stuff).
3ltrs PSP22, 1 bottle of fanta drunk.
2 cereal bars, 2 pork&pickle pies, 1 burfday cake eaten

OOP sorry, forgot to say: more pics here.

April 2, 2007

Stainburn and moorland

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rich at the top of the red run
After reading last month’s MBR and feeling like we should do some more technical based riding rich and I headed over to Stainburn to “session” their “rad” trails (i’m still trying out the lingo).
The Red route was fun, nothing overly stupid, the sort of thing you’d like to last for a long time. The Black run lived up to it’s billing. Much walking/scooting was done and many excuses were uttered. We’ll be going back there at some point to clear more of the trail and regain a bit of credibility.
me on the red run
In order to get a bit more of a ride out of the day we headed over to Bolton Abbey, paid a fortune to park the car and explored a bridleway that seemed to go over a nice big hill. It did and was mucho fun, even with the crazy wind. We met the huddersfield and west yorkshire rough riders (i think that’s what they were called), who seemed happy and chatty and also ended up being perfectly placed to open all the gates on the descent for us, which was a stroke of luck.

Some pics of the red route at stainburn are up here for you.

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