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March 26, 2007

Spinning around wildly

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the naughty hub The freehub on the scandal died yesterday, it was working fine as i climbed up past the chicken sheds. but by the time i’d climbed the rocky path and started to drop back through the trees i had no drive at all, which lead to a momentum driven descent over the rocks, an uncomfortable walk up and over the moor and another momentum driven descent down the field of sheep(tm).

Luckily for me rich was there to tow me back to his house in clitheroe (although i had to get off and walk – in my new shiney shoes – over waddington fell) and give me a lift home, otherwise i’d still be clip clopping my way home now. As he put it, it was kind of like a roll reversal from when we did the Transalp, though this was probably harder as i couldn’t pedal at all…and i did have the audacity to complain that my arm was getting sore holding onto his camelback while he rode for the both of us 🙂

Back at home i dismantled as much as i could of the rear hub…sadly nothing on the m765 hubs is a standard size, so i’ve had to order a new set of cone spanners along with the new freehub. Most annoyingly, however, i’ve had to buy ANOTHER cassette lockring remover as the one i own, which works perfectly well on cassette lockrings, doesn’t fit the center-lock disk (it’s supposed to be fitted and removed with the same tool). The axle sits too far out meaning the splines don’t reach the actual bolt, so it just spins round rather then connecting with anything. Arse.

Matt has beaten me to 2000miles, i would have been there early last week if the old road bike hadn’t died, or if steve and i had finished the mbr1 ride, or if the new chain on the scandal hadn’t exploded…and despite all that i’d probably have matched him by getting there yesterday if the freehub hadn’t died. Arse.

March 17, 2007

Tales from the Darkside

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superlight team reclining at home Thar she blows, the replacement for the spesh road bike; a much superior Planet X Superlight Team made up with shimano 105, r500 wheels and lots of nice bits.

The final pieces of the bicycle puzzle arrived on wed, so wed night was (of course) spent screwing, hammering, hacksawing, greasing and generally fettling until all the bits were stuck together and a rideable (if not brilliantly set up) road bike was finished.

Thursday after work was used to spin the new steed around Chipping and Dunsop Bridge to bed everything in and check it was ready for…

Friday. A day off work and therefore a day for a ride. Anyone living in Lancashire will attest to the stupidness of the wind on Friday, a wind that pretty much killed me over the 120 miles i rode. Over lots of hills, across high exposed moors, getting punched in the face by gusts of what felt like a hurricane and thrown from one side of the (thankfully deserted) country roads, i grovelled my way round for just over 8 hours. Eventually i ended up back at home, suprised to learn that despite the conditions i’d travelled further and at a faster average speed than last time i’d done the route. I put this down entirely to the bike (well, hopefully i’m getting fitter too, but the bike definately made a difference).

So there you are, 48hrs after it arrived in several boxes, the new superlight had been flung round 158 miles of country roads, over 5 catagory 1 climbs (and lots of other climbs too) and has made me smile and grimace in equal portions. Excellent.

March 12, 2007

It doesn’t take much

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Just a couple of posts ago i was full of vitriol after Other People got in the way of my nice ride (literally and figuratively). Yesterday, along a similar route – the 3 towers route via some extra woods and then back over winter hill/rivi for the sake of it – all was right with the world.

The ground was strangely dry, so dry in fact, that i could still see my shins sticking out of the 3/4 shorts when i got home some 6.5hrs after i set off. The Scandal seemed to relish the extra grip on offer and i honestly felt like i was flying along lots of the route. Downhill i skimmed over rocks and tricky sections like they didn’t exist and i climbed quite well too (not “like a god”, that wasn’t the idea of the ride), i cleared all the nadgery bits in holcombe valley (and left a load of fully suspended riders behind in doing so) and generally loveed every minute of being able to steer without immediately having to countersteer, lean over and try to regain some semblance of directional control. Marvellous.

Not only was the ground and weather in fabulous condition (if you ignore the crappy wind – which i did whenever i could) but people’s attitude seemed to be a million times better than normal too. I passed quite a few walkers over the course of the day and even the ones who never leave the security of the car park (you know the type, walk 30m away from the nearest cafe and start thinking they can put the world to rights about who should be allowed where) were well mannered and cheerful – the walkers who dare leave the security of the sight-line of the cafes are almost always pleasant.
I saw and road with lots of types of cyclist during the day, from a group of mtbers near holcombe valley who were all happy and chatty (yes, the ones i left behind), through talkative roadies, that made the somewhat less than interesting tarmac sections more pleasurable, to a group of downhillers pushing their oversized rigs up the belmont to winter hill climb. All of them stepped out of the way as i rode past and even offered encouragement as i reached each tricky bit (which i didn’t need as i rocked). Marvellous.

Now i’m stuck back in work (boo) waiting for the rest of my New Road Bike to arrive – very impatiently.
The spec will be:

  • Planet X Superlight Team frame (still waiting to arrive)
  • Planet X full carbon forks (still waiting to arrive)
  • Shimano 105 groupset (still waiting to arrive)
  • Shimano R550 wheelset
  • Vittoria Rubino pro tyres/tubes
  • FSA CarbonPro bars
  • ITM racer stem
  • Easton bar tape (blue…)
  • WTB Trilite CS saddle (the one i used on the transalp)
  • cheapo seatpost (the original one from my old ‘dale)
  • XT SPD’s (not buying more shoes, so mtb pedals will have to do)

It should be lovely once it’s all here. I’m hoping beyond hope that everything turns up before or on thursday so i can get it built and ready to rock for friday’s 8hr planned ride: it would be great to do the pendal pedal route again (with extra hills) as it’s first ride.

March 5, 2007

An Undignified End (2)?

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wayne chases rich down the hill

wayne in the rain

Sunday’s ride (Burnley – Hebden Bridge circular) started in spring – albeit a windy spring – and apparently ended in winter. We were so cold by then end of it that the idea of hanging round a train station for hours had gone from being inconvenient to downright stupid, so we all piled into rich’s car.

Rich’s car is quite small.
Rich’s car with 3 bikes in is very small.
Rich’s car with 3 bikes and 3 riders complete with lots of kit is beyond small.
Rich’s car with 3 bikes, 3 riders, lots of kit might not /quite/ be completely legal.
It certainly wasn’t comfy, as i became well aquainted with my own knees and parts of wayne’s bike became well aquainted with me.
If i’d suffered cramp i would almost certainly have died!
If Wayne had made another comment, from his position in the front seat (he had a seat), about how uncomfortable it was with my rear wheel occasionally tapping him on the back of his head /he/ might have died…

March 3, 2007

An Undignified End?

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knackered rim

114.7 miles into friday’s ride, only 0.5 miles from home, sprinting away from the lights racing a mazda mx5 i hit some sort of debris as i flew under a flyover, the wheel stepped out sideways and

pssssssssshhhhhhh, fwop fwop fwop

“oh”, i thought, “a puncture, damn”
i got off and trotted down the road back to my house, span the rear wheel to see if i couldspot and cuts in the tyre and realised that the wheel wouldn’t spin through the brakes, because of the big foldin the rim you can see in the pic (its worse than it looks, in real life)

so there it is, one written off road bike!
if you’re wondering why a knackered rimm = write off bike, it’s because the entre drivechain, both wheels and most of the finishing kit are being held together (quite literally in some cases) by the grime coating the whole thing; everything on the bike is over 6700 miles old and it was bought 2nd hand for £200, so i can confirm that it truely is dead

not sure who i’m going to train all next week without it before i can buy swomething new and shiny
ho hum

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