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February 26, 2007

Eyes right…

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see that CLIC24 deeley, stuck in amongst the links, race results and such to the right?

that’s where you donate money to CLIC sargent, to sponsor me for doing the race. is full of info about the event, at which i came 3rd last year (i rode 210 miles) and intend to do far better at this year.

so off you pop!

also; BBC2 Scotland, tonight at 7pm (i think), The Adventure Show: highlights of the strathpuffer. I’d watch it but i haven’t got access to BBC Scotland…and i’ll be out training anyway

me at CLIC24 last year

February 25, 2007

Short ride, snapped chain, long walk

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Grrr, is all i’m saying.

Oh, ok, grr and; I got 3.5 miles out of town along the road, stopped at a red light, trackstood until it changed to green then laid down the power
little bits of quick-release chain link explode all over the place, my legs nearly wrench out of my hip and the rest of the chain completely wraps itself around the middle chainring


i’d like to say that walking back past all the fields i normally pay no attention to opened up a whole new micro-world of never noticed beauty…little flowers growing quietly on the verges and all that.
i’d like to but i can’t. i just sulked home with a face like thunder and a useless chaintool in my pocket, got home after bloody ages clip-clopping along the pavement in totally inapropriate shoes, put the kettle on and tried to cheer myself up with a brew.

it was a nice brew and the chain’s fixed now, minus any crappy quick release link type affairs. i think the freehub is getting a little sticky which may have had something to do with the qr link coming undone while i faffed about trackstanding at the lights, we shall see.

next week sees the beginning of the first “build” period in training; with lots of new ways to knacker myself and make my legs turn to jelly being introduced along with a couple of looong rides to remind my legs that they’re in for a right battering this year. to be honest i’m glad, i’ve been sitting at steady intensities all year (and for the last couple of months of last year as well) so introducing some new workouts should spice after work rides up a bit.

have entered and had confirmation for bontrager 24/12 solo, CLIC24 solo (must set up the chsrity donation thingy for that) and have the application forms for the enduro6 and SITS sat infront of me ready to be sent tomorrow
woo, here comes the season!

February 22, 2007

Cake Thursday, New Shoes, Terror on the Roads, Film Review

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Every thursday at work is Cake Thursday; a day devoted to the build up relating to and eating of cake, instead of doing something more productive.
Everyone involved thought it was an entirely original idea, concieved by me on one of my better days. However a bit of random googling last week brought up a suprise; ladies and gentlemen, i give you cake thursday! Other people doing exactly what we do, same rules and everything! We’ve never been in contact with each other yet came up with almost the exact same principles, how strange?!

In other news, less than 24hrs after i ordered them (and for a bargain price too – less than half the price wiggle et al are selling them for) my new shoes arrived:
new shoes at work
(click for big)
so damn pimp!
as i took this photo my boss squealed
“you can’t put new shoes on the table”,
“it’s bad luck!” she cried
it was bad luck for her, as i threw the box at her for being so f-king stupid

Now a public safety announcement: If you’re near Preston on Saturday AM, stay off the roads, i’ll be driving a car…so thinking about it, stay indoors, preferably in some sort of bomb shelter…

Film Review: Hot Fuzz
i have no idea what it was like, the bloke sat next to me had *the* worst breath ever so i spent the entire time trying to not breathe while facing in the wrong direction.
i did come up with a new patented-dave-idea though; all cinema ticket stubs will come in two halfs, one half will double up as a deodorising body wipe and the other will be a mint flavoured chew. Thus i will never miss another film due to god awful stenches eminating from complete strangers with hygiene issues.

February 19, 2007

Belated 1000, 1st and such things

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Went past the 1000 mile mark for the year on friday (only a day after high mileage freak matt) during a dark, windy and rainy ride over the trough of bowland. The farmers who live out that way have stopped giving me funny looks for riding over the hills at inapropriate times in inclimant weather now and seem to have accepted that i will be grovelling past their warm, cozy, inviting, homely, welcoming, bright-light-in-the-dark houses all winter…which is actually quite depressing!

Raced another Leisure Lakes race on Sunday, the last gasp of training before this weeks “rest” week. The course was a lot drier than last time and i was really starting to get to grips with just how “flingable” the scandal is through the woods – it’s grin inducingly fast! I feel i should apologise to the rider who kindly moved out of the way to let me past mid-race, only for me to immediately crash and block her path as i faffed abouth putting the chain back on – sorry!
Eventually (and to cut a 9 lap story short) I won, the kinesis rider who shot off like a bat out of hell on the first lap while i was still trying to wake up overheated and had to stop briefly to remove a layer of clothing, while i just kept pushing the bike harder and harder and opened a gap on him once i’d got past.

Also, if you want a bike that attracts interest, get a scandal; after the race there was always at least one person studying it and asking questions…of course it helps if you’ve just won the race i imagine, but it was always “the” bike to look at and talk about…

February 12, 2007

It’s Killing Spree time

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First up, MBR1: We got 60 miles of it done (taking in 2134m of climbing and with barely a road crossing to break up the off-roadiness of it all) before steve’s leg gave up. We cleared the Pennine Bridleway section and got round the MTL section, all of which was frozen solid and therefore wonderfully fast (if a little sketchy when random sheets of ice appeared underneath you!)…in fact if it hadn’t been so cloudy we would have been able to see people at Peel Tower. Neither of us felt at all tired so there’s no doubting that we’d have finished the ride if we’d remained injury free.
up above the streets and houses scandal flying high
steve hits some random ice
bleak winter bridleway
You Click = It Big

But enough of such cheeriness, back to some misery. Sunday’s ride was one of constant, inch deep, wheel sucking sludge. The kind of gritty sludge that makes everything hard work (esp when combined with a headwind) and mens you don’t get anywhere for your efforts, except to a slightly muddier state. This was kind of depressing after Friday’s frozen skimming across miles of track and was made worse by the existence of other people.

“other people have a right to exist” i hear you cry. Well I’m sorry but most of them don’t. They are too thick
“why haven’t you got a bell”
“I HAVE got a bell, i HAVE been dinging it, YOU are too dozy to notice”
“Oy! You nearly hit me then”
“That’s because the four of you have managed, by all walking side by side, to block the entire BIKE PATH”
“Yeah, but you still nearly hit me”
“Would you rather i rode right next to your baby in the pram?!”
“err, no”
“then one of you, F-KING MOVE, just one, i don’t mind which one! Have some manners and let people past you”
“F-k off i’ve got a right to be here”
“You’ve got no right to block the entire path to people going the other way”
“yeah, but…”
“But F-king what?!”
“well, i…”
(this happened several times, despite riding towards people dinging said bell continuously)
and don’t get me started on the dog walkers with no control over their dogs…who then think that it’s the cyclists fault when the dog won’t “heel”, or runs off after the bike despite their cries for it to stop…

It would appear, on Sunday’s evidence, that these people exist purely to annoy anyone around them with their ignorance and absurdity (i’ve often wondered what would happen if one group of such path hogging people met another group walking in the opposite direction..would there be a mexican stand off?) and as such i feel they are ripe for the slaughter.
If you purposefully block my route past you (i’m not talking about if the track is too narrow for one person to get past another, i don’t mind waiting in those situations) i will slice your head off with a sword. If you fail to notice me slowly riding up behind you dinging the bell on the bars of the bike, or asking to get past i will slice your head off…and if you dare to proclaim “you should have a bell” when i’ve been furiously ringing it at you for several minutes i will dice your entire body into tiny little pieces while screaming at you.

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