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November 6, 2006

What a difference a week makes

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Rode over Tatham Fell on Monday afternoon (half days through flexi-time are the best). The full ride is 75 miles and took 4hrs 41 mins to do, with an average heart rate of 142bpm. I didn’t see anyone from when i left Slaidburn until i got to the main road near Wray, which was 100% of ace.
Admittedly the clouds were sitting squat on top of the fells so the normally nice views accross to 2 of the 3 peaks and over to the lake district were obscured, but it was still nice.

a couple of the 3 peaks in the distance

I rode the same route yesterday and it couldn’t have been more different (well, OK, if we go to extremes it could have been, but you know what i mean). Again it took me 4hrs 41, but rather than cruise around it i grovelled into a b-stard of a headwind with an average heart rate of 162bpm. Between Slaidburn and the top of Tatham Fell 3 police cars, one emergency doctor and one ambulance flew past me with sirens screaming and a rescue helicopter roared overhead, which was both exciting and scary all at once.
As i crested the top of the hill and started the descent all the vehicles were parked next to a nasty little rise in the road, that can kick you in to the air on a bike if you don’t get your weight in just the right place, with a lot of official looking people milling around. I didn’t see who had actually crashed (although there was a lonely looking motorbike at the side of the road) and was waved through by a paramedic with a very fake looking smile, so didn’t hang around to take any pictures of the helicopter close up for matt, even though i had to brush up against the side of it to get past.

a lot busier on sunday

Scary stuff.

Ooh, forgot to say, Friday night’s training ride in the dark was brill. The LED lights are about a million times better than my old vistalites – i could see far enough down even tree covered tunnel like roads at 30mph to be completely comfortable, as well as being able to see enough of the periphery to figure out where i was (instead of peering at a faint blob of yellow light in the floor directly in front of my wheel, wondering if i’d passed that pothole earlier). To make things even better it was a nice moonlit night and riding along the river towards dunsop bridge in the reflected silvery light, with the sillhouettes of the hills towering around just added to the whole atmosphere.
Of course, my toes were completely numb by the time i got home and my winter gloves were at their limits, but hey, i guess i’d better get used to that!

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