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November 24, 2006

you knows it…

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by golly it’s yummy looking isn’t it!


Yup, that’s the new race bike.

More info here.

To be raced at the Strathpuffer, which i am seriously looking forward to in both a 24hr race sense and a ‘real adventure’ sense too

Suffice to say i’m really rather happy

bikes rule, don’t they

November 21, 2006

RAW Aftermath

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Good weekend I reckon; lots of riding – good riding at that – a fair old bit of drinking strange ales (and a few old favourites), nice cottage to stay in, nice food (cheers steve), suprisingly good weather, scenery for miles and all of these in plentiful supply.
convoy through the moody woods
premium ale
guy riding scenic singletrack
a red kite
lots and lots and lots more pics up here for your delight

November 15, 2006


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real ale wobble
Yes, it’s nearly that time of year again. Time to take training to the next level; drink copious amounts af suspiciously named ale, then ride bikes, then ride while drinking, then drink.
It’s Real Ale Wobble time!

This year we’ve gone all “luxury” and hired a lodge in the woods to stay in, rather than suffer the usual sub-zero temperatures in a tent…with only the promise of a cold shower in mixed sex showers with no doors…showers that open out onto the main road. Also new this year will be Steve cooking for us on the Friday night…instead of fish and chips from the chippy in Builth Wells on the way down, as had previously been the case. To top off the changes we’re expecting (well, I certainly am) to ride all 3 days this year, as opposed to the usual ‘get there too late to do anything other than fight for a table in the pub’ on friday, complete half the route on saturday then feel too hung over to ride on sunday

The ale will no doubt be just as suspicious though.

November 13, 2006

like freeriding

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Isn’t it ace when you find a new bit of singletrack? I reckon it’s even more ace when you can add it straight onto a long piece of uninterrupted swoopy fun hidden in the trees from prying eyes.
That’s what i did yesterday. I followed my tricky, (not always totally rideable but always testing and fun) hidden trails through the trees, always maintaining as much height as possible. I linked it up with a main path briefly and started to roll down hill. Almost immediately I took a smaller turning off to the right, still pointing downhill, carved a few nice tight corners, jumped the steps (badly, but there was no-one around to see) as the path widened and began to build up a full head of speed as i started to hit the waterbar drops.
Over the waterbar drops and through the tight tree laden corner i joined another main path and as the path split i turned right and started to climb up a steep slope (ignoring the usual left turn to keep everything pointing downwards). I crested the top of the climb and span back up to speed before almost doubling back on myself as the main path arrived at a road junction, down more singletrack and over a little wooden bridge over a stream. The singletrack followed a fencline along the edge of a field just in the trees, gently sloping downwards so no pedalling was needed – just the odd ‘thrutching’ movement over roots or off the end of one of the many little wooden bridges over gulleys and streams to regain momentum after any tighter corners.
This went on for about 3 or 4 minutes before rejoining a main path which linked up nicely with the entrance to some singletrack i found a while back.
Excellent, a good 10 minutes worth of uninterrupted, nicely flowing singletrack and fast wider path – with a few little steep climbs to keep the lungs working. All of it deserted, even on a sunday afternoon too!

random 'winter' pic #2

November 7, 2006

Woo! I’m in!

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Strathpuffer24 2007

I’m there, representing a company, sort of, and everything. Woo!

Training for it is stepping up a bit now that I’m into “Base 3” period, with a couple of 5 hr rides this week, followed by a few more big rides the week after. Then it’s into a couple of weeks with a 7 or 8hr ride in (along with a few 3 – 5 hr rides) to get some proper endurance built up, before concentrating on speed (speed in the middle of 3 – 6hr rides) until the race.
Don’t really know if the idea behind how i’m training will work, if it does this’ll be an ace stepping stone for next summers 24hr races and if it doesn’t i’ll have learnt lots from it and be able to adapt my training for the months to come to fit what suits me.

Now i just need to get something to keep my ears warm

random 'winter' pic #1

ALSO, it’s just been brought to my attention that it’s steve’s birthday and it sounds like he’s having the day from hell.
Happy Birthday.

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