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October 11, 2006

Training as far as the eye can see…

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clicky for basic 2007 plan

Of course, this just tells you what stage of training I’ll be in at any one time, how many hours a week I’ll be doing and what races I’m working towards (the super-secret stuff about what rides I’m actually doing and such intricate stuff is for my eyes only at the mo’).
Actually, thinking about it, it’s probably not all that interesting if you’re not me…but ho hum!

And oh look, the first day of “real” training for 2007 and it’s hammering down rain, thunder and lightening(ing) itself to death, it’s nearly pitch black at 11am outside and it’s just generally grim! Oh well, best get used to it!

me adventure racing
That’s a random pic of me from a couple of weeks ago doing the Open Adventure running/mtb race/trailquest thingy around Malham. Fun it was. Ache my legs did after the run.

October 8, 2006

Flintshire Challenge: History and Errors

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Moel Famau was the first real mountain that I ever rode, somewhere in the region of 12 years ago now. Back then it was huge, it had a climb that went on for hours, usually with me leant forward over the bars to keep the front wheel down, my jaw hanging limply from my face as I wheezed and spluttered my way to the top. It had a descent that seemed to go on forever, with corner after corner squeezing what I could out of the (god awful) canti brakes as my forearms screamed in pain due to the constant hammering the bike was doling out over the rocks.

Today I rode over the back of it as part of the Flintshire Challenge in Base Training mode (ie. keeping my heart rate below 60% of it’s max so as to become more efficient at buring fat for next years 24hr races) faster than I could ever had imagined back then. Rich and I glided past people on the descents like they were stood still without ever getting out of shape on any corner or rock, no sore forearms or terrifying under-braked moments this tme round.
That bit of it was ace.

All the way round past moel famau, whenever I spotted bits i remembered from those “early days” riding little heart warming memories popped up;
‘I remember Dan hitting that gate at full pelt and wrecking his brand new project two forks’
‘I remember coming down that path and dinging my first rim on a rock’
‘I remember trying to ride down that bridleway in the wet and just crashing over and over in the mud’
That was pretty ace.

Of course, to make up for all the aceness we managed to take a (series of) wrong turn(s) and end up in completely the wrong place, got fed up and decided that, rather than ride the rest of the route marked out, we’d go and find a descent we’d done a few years back where i’d crashed and clean it.
I did clean it, quite fast, it was ace.

So there you are, I rebuilt my old bike for the ride, didn’t do much of the ride itself, didn’t (not) do it fast – in favour of starting next years’ training a day early (it helps to get used to people you know you can beat flying past you while you stick to low speeds and heart rates), didn’t think the bottom bracket was going to last…and thoughly enjoyed all of it.

Still got a medal at the finish as well…still, I suppose we did ride several miles further than the shorter organised ride was…

October 3, 2006

In at the deep end…

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“Hey Brant, if you give me a bike for this weekend I’ll race the Flintshire Challenge for you”

I said, not thinking that maybe it would be a poor first race to do; given that my training for 2006 finished a month ago and next years training doesn’t start for a couple of weeks, leaving me in a somewhat unfit state.

“OK” said Brant, unknowingly

Eeek, I wonder just how fit I actually am right now!

In other news, my training plan for next year is almost finished (just got to assign the weekly hours) and will soon be available for all to see, gawp at and remark “how does he ride so much”!
Next year is going to ROCK (have I mentioned that?)

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