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September 5, 2006

More races for 06/07

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Races remaining in 2006:

    Ruthin Merida 100
    Flintshire Challenge
    Leisure Lakes winter xc series
    Real Ale Wobble (well, it’s kind of competitive)
    possibly Dusk till Dawn
    possibly Strathpuffer 24 solo*

And the plan for 2007:

    CLIC 24 solo (got to beat 3rd place and do more than 24 laps – go for the win basically)
    Bontrager 24/12 solo (thanks to Matt for reminding me about this one!)
    SSMM 24 solo (got to get top 10, aiming for top 5)
    SITS 24 solo (got to beat 6th place, a podium would be ace, and possible with the right training)
    The fun Merida 100s
    a few other enduro’s, possibly the Trek NPS ones and the like

Next year should rock!

*the Strathpuffer is actually in Jan 2007, but I’m classing that as this year as it’s too early to be a 2007 event training wise.

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