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September 29, 2006

OK, so the good news…

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on one logo
“Press” Release: After some discussion I can kind of confirm that for next years races I will be riding an On-One Scandal 29er, with some lovely rigid super-light carbon forks. I’ll be able to see where I’m going through out the dark bits of 24hr races and the like with Dinotte lights, so there will be no excuse for me to finish races away from the podium.

“Real” Story: I emailed the ever helpful Brant at on-one, cheekily asking for some free stuff to race on, i mentioned i’d be racing – and winning – anyway so it might as well be aboard his stuff.
Shockingly, he didn’t swear at me at all in his reply, or even tell me to sod off in any way. In fact he seemed to like the idea of me representing him, so he said I could have some stuff.

So there you are.
I’ll be definately doing the following races on a lovely Scandal 29er (which I’ve yet to pick up):

  • SSMM 24hr 07, solo
  • CLIC 24hr 07, solo
  • SITS 24hr 07, solo
  • Bontrager 24/12 24hr 07, solo
  • Enduro 6+ 07, solo
  • and I’m working out how i can get to Strathpuffer 24hr 07 as well
  • Some of the Merida 100k races
  • 3 Peaks cyclocross (this was Brant’s idea, and sounds “fun” and different)
  • defending my Leisure Lakes winter XC Title (and the summer xc title as well)
  • and anything else I or Brant can think of that sounds good

Oh, I’m still looking for support for the 24hr solo races, be nice and agree to help and I’ll pay for all the travelling/food/beer costs and promise not to swear at you! Who knows, I may even split any winnings with you as well!

Cheers everyone!

Now, where’s that training plan…

September 25, 2006

on a frozen pond, that’s starting to crack…

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Took the cannondale for a spin after work on Friday to check everything was OK with it (and partly because i finished work at a reasonable time). I knew it felt pretty rough before i left as the season’s racing had battered the poor thing to within an inch of any bike’s life, but nothing prepared me for just hjow knackered it actually was…
…2 hours after leaving work i got home aboard a bike with a headset so devoid of grease you’d swear someone was hacksawing iron railings if i rode past, a bottom bracket that was as noisey as it was rattley, pedals that – just like the headset – would make any bike mechanic wince they ground their way round the axle so harshly, brakes that refused to come off the rim properly as their springs had lost any real sense of being a spring and one less spoke in the rear wheel than i’d set off with!

Suffice to say saturday afternoon was spent bodging things back together as best i could for sunday’s race (this is the off season?), with liberal amounts of grease being forced into components that would really rather have just be left to die and spokes from random old wheels found hiding behind the fridge being jammed into DT Swiss 240s flange holes, completely out of sequence with the rest of the lovely DT revolutions super-butted spokes.

Sunday =ed race day, so obviously i peered out from behind the curtains to see a deluge of biblical proportions wash away any chance of the grease i lovingly forced in to my bike staying there. I set off in the rain, got soaked through within 30 seconds of leaving the house, then it stopped raining and became gloriously sunny

The race itself went OK, a 65hr working week, lots of crap food (look, it IS supposed to be the off season, right?!) and no sleep combined with the front brake wedging itself on the rim to make me feel incredably under powered compared to normal…and i don’t usually have all that much power anyway, what with most of my training being endurance based!
I battled my way round the sticky damp course, with my Comp S lite tyres doing their best to slide on any root i got near and eventually broke clear of the other racers on lap 4 and won by a minute or so.
The win meant I kept my 100% record for the summer race series, took the overall title, got some free SIS drink (well, everyone got that actually) and all us trophy winners got our pic in the local paper, hurrah!

Another 65hr working week is coming this week, followed by an “adventure race” at the weekend (ye gods i truly can’t remember the last time i did any running whatsoever), before i get down to planning and make a start with next year’s preperation for 24hr racing (next year is going to ROCK)…oh and there’s still the Flintshire Challenge in a couple of weeks as well as the leisure lakes winter xc series to kick ass at…oh god my bike is going to die!
What off season?

September 17, 2006

the last ride…

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…before my stint of 12hr+ days at work begins 🙁
…of summer possibly (yes, i know i said that last week too)
wayne's first packhorse trail
wayne singletracking
stoodley pike from a long way away
(really strange light, lots of mist and fog and such thinkg made piccies hard to get right)
should have been a 17mile cruise, thanks to my p-ss poor sense of direction i ended up riding 40 miles…doh!

September 11, 2006

5000 miles

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I know distances are fairly arbitrary when you’re training – it’s all about the time spent on the bike and the intensity at which you ride – and how the distance you actually ride is affected by just how hilly/technical/muddy your rides are (i like to think that i squeeze as many hills in as i possibly can), but i got to the 5000 mile mark on Friday.
I misjudged the distance to the 5K mark a bit so rather than passing the milestone on one of my favourite climbs i was on a flat and slightly less interesting bit of road, but it was still a nice place to do it, on a nice day, when i’d normally be in work:
the view at 5k from my phone
so now i’m at 5068 miles in training/racing this year.
This was me at the magic moment:
asleep at the bar at 5k
apparently riding with my eyes closed…

pics from Angela’s mum’s wedding to follow at some point when i’ve finished photoshopping them

September 7, 2006

Big numbers…

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My nan is 90 today. 90! Crikey! That’s a big number to get to.

Without noticing, during yesterday’s ride i crossed over the 4000miles on the road bike mark (i’ve had the road bike for just under a year). Which was nice.

Tomorrow i intend to do a 100+ mile ride over lots of big hills (3 catagory 1, 1 catagory 2 and 2 catagory 3 climbs, with lots of undulations inbetween) in order to fully kick the arse of the 5000mile mark for this year’s training (it’s sat at 4941 miles as i write this). Raar! OK so i’m behind matt now in terms of mileage, but i don’t care – i have to sit behind this desk at certain times and he can go and play whenever he likes (within reason) 😉

Big numbers are cool

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